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Existential: the New It’s the old, actually…. (Part 1)

Existential: the future of (Part 1) When I started writing this forward-look several weeks ago I opted to do it in stream of consciousness. It felt right because it’s setting out the roadmap for – God willing – the next 5-10 years. Additionally, sharing my thought process this way lends itself to the feel of a story that’s unfolding almost in real time… … Continue reading Existential: the New It’s the old, actually…. (Part 1)

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UKGospel 2020 – State of Play

‘State of Play’ specials return after 4 years, celebrating landmarks and anticipating trends… Introduction February is the month I cast an eye over the previous year’s trends, events and general happenings in the UK Gospel scene. The last time I did anything this extensive was in 2016, and back then there was an incredible amount to get truly excited about. 2016 Vibe for 2020 2020 … Continue reading UKGospel 2020 – State of Play

Sarah Teibo: It’s a Man’s World?


You know what they say: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you hang around the UK Gospel music scene long enough, you’ll get to see that – as with pretty much every other industry – things go in cycles.

In other words: we have our ups and downs. We experience times that (if I can get biblical for a second) the people lament the lack of good quality music, especially in view of the tremendous talent pool we have to draw from.

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Why You (Still) Need Radio in Your Life – By Radio Presenters (Part 1)

Pure Evoke_F3_Lifestyle Radio

In an age where you completely control every aspect of your audio consumption experience, why do you still need music radio..?

I’ll be honest: before I started working in radio I had very little time for the medium.

These days we’re spoilt for choice, with options for free and paid download services, or audio streaming via any number of platforms, most of which are (for the moment at least), free.  So why in the world would anyone need radio? Continue reading “Why You (Still) Need Radio in Your Life – By Radio Presenters (Part 1)”

UK Gospel Forward-Look: Exciting Trends for 2016


The UK Gospel scene frequently has to endure unhelpful comments about the state of its health, typically in the shape of (mainly uninformed) comparisons between it and the more mature US market: nothing ever happens here. Apparently.

Yinka Awojobi makes the case for exciting developments and continued optimism in 2016.

Good Thing

I haven’t done one of these annual forward-looks in so long it’s actually taking serious effort to get back into the swing of things.

The main reason? I hadn’t felt much of a need.  And that’s a good thing, trust me.

Let me explain: these days, getting your UK Gospel music industry news is nowhere near as challenging as it used to be. There are lots of good places to get it from.

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What’s The Point Of The MOBOs..?


MOBO 2014 – The Specials

So, it’s that time of the year again.  The MOBOs roll back into town for 2014,  returning to the Big Smoke for the first time in years, with the event taking place on October 22nd.

And you can bet your house (or rented accommodation) that the ‘whos’, ‘hows’, and ‘whys’ in response to the announced nominations will – pretty much inevitably – not be that far behind.

What is it about the UK’s biggest Black music awards that completely polarises opinion across the board..?

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How I Ended Up Creating an Amazing Music Video – For Free! (ish)

Dancing Man

Ever thought it was impossible to create a music video because you didn’t have much cash…?

This may help…

You may know that in addition to publishing, I currently present a weekday breakfast radio show on Premier Gospel.  A couple of weekends ago I was looking for ways to create a short video to promote the show.

I’ve done lots of audio promos – that’s standard procedure for radio.  But I wanted to do more video, as the challenges around using video to promote radio are interesting on multiple levels.

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Want People to Keep Returning to Your Site? Ditch Autoplay

Does the audio or video media auto-play on your site..? You know the story: you’re on your lunch break at work. You decide to check out that website someone recommended. You type in the www dot whatever and press ‘Enter’… Total, embarrassing chaos erupts. You’re on an unfamiliar work PC. The sound fills the entire room, and everyone in the office stares disapprovingly. …and the … Continue reading Want People to Keep Returning to Your Site? Ditch Autoplay

Top 5 Tips – Getting Your Music Played on Radio

Here’s a quick update from the ‘Top 5 Tips’ Series: If you’ve ever wanted to know how to go about getting your music playlisted on a radio station, this might help. Good Music The first thing to bear in mind is that most presenter/DJs/stations are happy to support good music. While the definition of ‘good’ will no doubt be highly subjective, bear in mind that … Continue reading Top 5 Tips – Getting Your Music Played on Radio

Why I Can’t (and Sometimes Won’t) Play Your Music On The Radio Part 2 – Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks (right), along with older brother Adam are two of the reasons why I’m looking to retire from publishing very soon 🙂

Through their excellent work on the mBrio Music website and other Brooks Brothers Ventures projects, they’re fast becoming an authoritative news and media voice not just here in the UK but increasingly in the transatlantic Christian music scene, an excellent state of affairs in an industry like ours sadly prone to (usually under-deserved) hyperbole.

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