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World Exclusive!!! V9 Collective is back!

Gospel RnB/Soul fans – assemble!

A decade after one of my FAVOURITE family group put out their brilliant and fantastically well-received debut album, ‘World To Me‘, family group V9 Collective is back, folks!!!

After time away from public appearances, Sam, Vernetta, Tula, Ruth and Semele return with a brand new album, ‘Message in the Music’, out 31st May 2021.

V9 Collective, 2010 – I wonder what their new look will be like..?

Sam says: ‘After a few years in the making, this musical offering is a collection of heartfelt songs about life and faith, with the same V9 Collective soul and flair’.

  • In other words: if (like me and many others) you’re in the market for brilliant organic Soul, real instruments, vocal harmonies and musical relationships like only families can do, all wrapped up in a completely unashamed Gospel message, then you need to pre-order your copy already
  • Pre-orders kick off May 11th 2021. Join their mailing list at for album release updates.

And in case you’re wondering – yes, you can just scan that QR code to go straight to their site

If you can’t wait, check out ‘World To Me‘ below to get a feel for what’s in store

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AStepFWD Vocal Masterclass – Feb 2021

New or experienced vocalist? AStepFWD puts you in front of  the very best UK music industry  professionals this weekend

Get tips, techniques and practical information to transform your vocal game

  • Priscilla Jones, whose experience in vocal coaching includes working with celebrities such as Annie Lennox, JLS, Rita Ora, The Saturdays and flawlessly singing live in high-pressure professional situations like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’
  • Mark Delisser: if you’ve watched any major TV vocal talent show in the past 10 years you’ve seen Mark’s work: he’s worked as the vocal coach on ‘The Voice’ UK, alongside coaching the UK entries for the Eurovision.  He’s also featured as vocal coach on the BBC’s ‘Pitch Battle’, ‘This Is My Song’ and ‘The Naked Choir’
  • Lurine Cato needs no introduction to many in the scene. A multi-MOBO Award recipient and nominee, Lurine was also the official 2018 vocal coach on ITVβ€˜s Good Morning Britain ‘Sing It To Win It’

Get your ticket

Learn more about the vocal masterclass

GMIA Town Hall February 2021: Your Chance to Influence Real Growth in the UK Gospel Industry

There I was, minding my own business when this thing pops up in my feed: the UK’s Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) announced a series of Town Hall meetings.

Golden Opportunity?

It’s a golden opportunity for all UK Gospel creatives to share their career blockers and professional pain points (and – let’s be honest – we know the issues are legion).

The Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) say they’re listening, which makes this is a good time to tell them what you really think – so they can hopefully take some action on your behalf

Plus: this call to action is aimed at everyone: they’re defining ‘creatives’ in the broadest possible sense of the word: venues, retailers, music producers, musicians, managers, media outlets and everything in between.

Cynical Troublemakers

And for those cynical troublemakers heckling from the back of the class: I feel your pain. But on the flip side of that same coin, there’s a good chance your suggestion might be a critical component bringing the solution to everyone’s problems.

As GMIA outline some of their plans, they’ll invite your feedback on those very plans – you can’t get fairer (or have more power and influence) than to have a seat at the table, right…? Well, here’s your chance to do just that on the 4th February 2021.

Plus: it’s on Zoom, so you don’t even have to travel further than the next room, if at all.


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AStepFWD Songwriting Masterclass 2021

The best way to create songs that change the world? Get tips direct from people that have done it!

If there ever was a ‘drop everything and get your ticket‘ event, this is it.

AStepFWD have leveraged their incredible Christian music industry contact list to put on a unique gathering of top-of-their-game, world-renowned creatives for a live songwriting masterclass

Powerful line up

It’s an impressive, powerful list of artists who between them have written several mainstay songs for the global church: Noel Robinson, Matt Redman, Jake Isaac, Martin Smith, Graham Kendrick, Lou Fellingham, Wale Adenuga, Lucy Grimble, Nick Herbert, Les Moir, Nicky Brown and Donna Akodu.


The Songwriting Masterclass sessions takes place online, delivered in a variety of formats from panel discussions to 1-on-1 interviews, all designed to provide opportunities to tap into the knowledge and experience of the speakers.

  • Date: Saturday 30th January 2021
  • Time: 11:00am – 4:30pm (room open from 10:45am)

Gospel Music Industry Alliance announces new CEO

New Chief Executive to Lead ‘Day to Day Industry Development’

In a new appointment that might raise eyebrows in some quarters, the UK’s Gospel music industry body, Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA), announced it ‘headhunted and selected’ Audrey Gray to be its new chief executive officer.

According to the GMIA’s press release, Audrey’s initial brief will be to drive what it calls the ‘day to day administrative running of the organisation’, as it ‘seeks to transform the collective efforts of an underdeveloped British Gospel Music scene.’  

Shrewd Move

It’s a shrewd move. For many on the outside looking in (I include myself here), GMIA has been slow to capitalise on the incredible talent it now has on its roster, a serious gathering of experienced hands from across our industry. 

Audrey is arguably one of the final catalysing pieces needed to deliver on the early excitement we all felt when this new GMIA iteration was announced back in 2019/2020. 

Raised Eyebrow

Before I explain why I think that is, I’ll circle back to qualify my ‘raised eyebrow’ comment: unlike some on the GMIA board of directors, Audrey has a relatively lower public profile which in turn may lead some to query the appointment. 

But – in the context of GMIA at least – it demonstrates a canny strategic move: Audrey has a proven track record in walking the talk while consistently delivering services, some of which people in our industry have probably used without realising.

She runs and, has several years’ worth of experience in tour and events management, as well as artist development and coaching services.


In other words: she’s highly skilled and exceedingly qualified, with a strong understanding of the idiosyncrasies of both artist and industry needs. 

Most importantly, though: her real corporate superpower is delivery, something the GMIA will potentially reap significant benefits from.

If 2019 was the year of new beginnings and 2020 the year of COVID-19 disruption (and a subsequent consolidation), here’s to hoping 2021 is the year when things actually start to happen.

I for one am really looking forward to it

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