Thanks to Dayo from Quadosh for the GREAT picture.

If you’re my friend on Facebook or following me on Twitter, then you know I’ve been dropping these rather unsubtle hints about my BIG Announcement for the past few weeks.

Well, here it is:

Starting tomorrow, 1st February 2010, I’ll be co- presenting a new radio show on a new radio station in London!

All those cryptic messages about ‘going off to training’, ‘waking up early’ and ‘being extremely nervous’ all boil down to this:

  • Premier Radio launches a new station for London from tomorrow morning, called ‘Premier Gospel

Some facts:

  • It broadcasts throughout London on DAB, and you can also catch it worldwide online
  • The station is dedicated to the sounds of gospel music in the most varied of its forms: Praise & Worship, RnB, Latin, Reggae and the rhythms of Africa too!
  • You know that I only get really excited about stuff when it revolves around the UK – so there’s going to be a healthy dose of UK music coming through too!
  • It’s got a great set of leading lights from the UK gospel radio scene (no, that’s everyone else, not me), including Dave P and Helen, Lee Grant and – of course – Muyiwa.

I present the Breakfast Show *LIVE*, with the lovely Nage, so tune in from 7 – 9am on Weekdays!

There’s no ‘listen back’ option, so if you miss it, it’s gone! Simple as!

Little secret

We have DAB RADIO GIVEAWAYS all week, so you can tune in for great music AND  a chance to win a radio every day this week!

  • I’ve been around radio studios for years, but this is my first presenting role…
  • Catch my experiences here on my blog, as I work at getting to grips with live radio, broadcasting and all things scary!!!
  • Goes without saying that my updates will include behind-the-scenes pictures, thoughts, video and more…
  • So if this were a DVD – consider this blog the extras! 🙂

Now pardon me while I go and get ready for my show tomorrow.  Early night for me!


28 thoughts on “So, my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is…

  1. Great stuff.
    I need a DAB radio, don’t own any radio at the moment. I guess I’m gonna have to find someway of tuning in to get a chance to win a radio…



  2. Congratulations, it’s been a loooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggg time coming. All those sleepless nights are begining to pay off. LOL!!



    Aaaaah CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is fantastic and a great opportunity. ummmm I need to go and buy a DAB hehehe 😀


  4. Congratulations Yinka for this new opportunity. I think you’ll be a great presenter. GOD has opened a new door for you to boost the profile of UK Gospel. I can’t wait to tune in!


  5. Thanks, Liz! Good to hear from you! Been a while…

    Lady T: You’re not serious! LOL!

    Lanre: sleepless nights paid off?? The show is *LIVE* – Even more EARLY MORNINGS, now!!! 🙂


  6. Thank God it’s out! I was scared I was going to spill the beans by mistake!!

    I’ve said it before privately (at least I think I have; correct me if I’m mistaken), but CONGRATS, UNCLE!!


  7. Thanks, David: just trying to be like you, sir…

    George: you got me actually laughing out loud!!! Thanks! You’ve taught me more than you probably know…


  8. I’ve said it many many times but CONGRATULATIONS sir :), you truly deserve it and can’t wait


  9. Congratulations Uncle Yinka. God has seen your hard work as you carry out the Commission He set for us. He has put you in a new position to carry this work on. Im happy for you!!!

    Thank you for everything!!!

    Bigger and Better!!!


  10. DJ Kelechi: many thanks!! Very kind of you to say, but as you very well know I’m only one of many people doing this work – like you!! 🙂

    OTX: thanks sweetie. You know I love the way you’ve always loved and supported your big bro! Sometimes I actually feel like you’re my big sister! LOL!

    Rayna: lots more to come *from you* too! I’ll let you know about all of that when we speak…

    Sesan: my brother from another mother! Thank you! You’ve been there from waaaay back when! Thank you!!

    General Shabazz: you know I always tell you this and it still remains true: you’re an inspiration to me, sir!!


  11. Richard: Thanks, so much! Keep up the good work yourself. Still waiting for that call, though… 😉

    Mri: thank you, sir!! Will send you that info that I need from you…

    Uncle Taymé: bring the water… Let the washing begin!


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