Want People to Keep Returning to Your Site? Ditch Autoplay

Does the audio or video media auto-play on your site..?

Angry Baby

You know the story: you’re on your lunch break at work. You decide to check out that website someone recommended.

You type in the www dot whatever and press ‘Enter’…

  • Total, embarrassing chaos erupts.
  • You’re on an unfamiliar work PC.
  • The sound fills the entire room, and everyone in the office stares disapprovingly.
  • …and the speaker volume is on maximum.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a great big hole nearby that you need right now to swallow you up…

Let Your Site Visitors Control Their Own Experience

Chances are a huge percentage of people arriving on your page will have something already playing: more than likely that will be music, but it could also be some other media activity like watching a video, or just reading web pages (yes, people need to concentrate on reading too).

And sure, you’re keen for the whole world to watch your amazing video or listen to your amazing music, but try to see it from your visitors’ point of view, and give them option to play your content in *their own* time, not yours…

Their visiting experience to your site will be all the better for it – and that means they might even come back for more.

Simple as that

Photo: Flikr user Abdul “B.as.it” IM

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