Sticky post Existential (Part 2): You can only say what THEY want you to say…?

I had a completely different update to share this week about plans for this site However: something happened that gave me a disturbing glimpse into a possible future. Control your own narrative Now more than ever it’s critically important to have complete and direct control of your own narrative. Hopefully I’m preaching to the choir on this, but just in case you still doubt the … Continue reading Existential (Part 2): You can only say what THEY want you to say…?

Sticky post version 3: We’re Live!

After about 5 or 6 years of: Starting and stopping Copying and pasting Writing and editing Doubting and being confident HTMLing and Adobe Flashing Today, the BRAND NEW version 3 website is LIVE!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!! So, what next..? Well, the project has been going for almost 2 decades. As you can imagine so many things have changed in that space of time: We’ve gone … Continue reading version 3: We’re Live!

UK Gospel Forward-Look: Exciting Trends for 2016


The UK Gospel scene frequently has to endure unhelpful comments about the state of its health, typically in the shape of (mainly uninformed) comparisons between it and the more mature US market: nothing ever happens here. Apparently.

Yinka Awojobi makes the case for exciting developments and continued optimism in 2016.

Good Thing

I haven’t done one of these annual forward-looks in so long it’s actually taking serious effort to get back into the swing of things.

The main reason? I hadn’t felt much of a need.  And that’s a good thing, trust me.

Let me explain: these days, getting your UK Gospel music industry news is nowhere near as challenging as it used to be. There are lots of good places to get it from.

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A Day in the Life: Selfies and Screenshots

17. Waterloo

It’s one of the questions most frequently asked of me:

‘How Do You Do It..?’

And almost two decades in, I still don’t have a clear answer beyond ‘I just do’.

The Day Job – And Then Some…

cropped-ukg_logo.jpgMy name is Yinka.

About 14 years ago I set up, dedicated to supporting the amazing job that an incredible amount of people continue to deliver in this vibrant industry.

In addition to, there’s the blog (a completely separate entity), as well as the UKGospel social feeds (of which there are a fair few, but I’m most often on the platforms du jour Twitter and/or Facebook).

Like so many people with a highly specialist passion, I do it outside of – but in addition to – the day job.

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Hello 2014, Goodbye

In 2013 I seriously considered shutting down It was an easy enough conclusion for me to reach: when I started the project back in 2000 it was one of quite literally only a handful of sites dedicated to featuring news, reviews, opinion and analysis on the UK Gospel music scene. Exciting But now, almost 14 years down the line, is just one of … Continue reading Hello 2014, Goodbye

[Exclusive!] First-ever look at stills from Four Kornerz’s new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders’

This looks very interesting… I’ve just been sent the first-ever, first-look, frame-by-frame sequence of images from Four Kornerz‘s brand new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders‘ ‘Lean on My Shoulders‘ is released very shortly. EXPLORE MORE FOUR KORNERZ Four Kornerz – official website Four Kornerz on Facebook Buy ‘Soulectric’ (album) and Gonna Make It (single) at Read the story – Behind the Beat – The … Continue reading [Exclusive!] First-ever look at stills from Four Kornerz’s new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders’

[Free Download] ‘Riddim Culture Presents Ram 1’

As a subgenre UK Gospel Reggae has never really got the props it truly deserves. It has as many (arguably more) players active on the international scene as the more high-profile Hip-Hop and ‘traditional’ gospel artists.  But – like much of the wider contemporary Gospel music scene – it’s consistently under the shadow of its mainstream equivalent. Still, the Reggae Gospel lot are a hardy breed, … Continue reading [Free Download] ‘Riddim Culture Presents Ram 1’

Free 2013 New Year Song from Da Sargeant

One of the more memorable releases from last year came from 20-year-old British-Asian Sam Daniel, aka ‘Da Sargeant‘. His Bhangra song, ‘Yeshuve’ (a remix of his acoustic original, included four Indian languages as well as an international collaborative effort) brought a rare breadth to the scene. He’s back with a free 2013 New Year Electro-Pop track called ‘Grace Anthem’, released on New Year’s Day Listen and … Continue reading Free 2013 New Year Song from Da Sargeant

Music update – ‘The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist’

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – March 2011

2011: third month in, and things have been off to a cracking start right here in the UK.

I can barely keep up with the pace of new music announcements.  Under many other circumstances, that could be a bad thing.   In this case, it’s the rather delicious, delightful opposite.

If you’re after up-to-the-second news updates, links and reports then you have to follow me on Twitter.

That’s where I publish all the hot news as soon as I get it – long before it makes the main site or this blog (that is if it even ever gets here…)

On With the Music

Anyway, main reason for writing this:  I’m putting – in one place – some of the serious musical stuff that you need to be checking out.  I’ll be updating this post a lot so check back often.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in  Continue reading “Music update – ‘The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist’”

News: Triple O launches new site

Today, (10th November 2010) Triple O launches his brand new website: Central Point The new site will act the central point for Triple’s activity, including the now-obligatory social networking links, music updates as well as being his primary means of contact. “I am so glad to have this site up and running. It is great to now have one place to direct people to … Continue reading News: Triple O launches new site