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5 UK Gospel AfroPop Songs to Soundtrack Your Day

‘Summertime and the livin’ is easy…’

Today is a perfect UK summer’s day: the maximum temperature is a cinderella-optimum, entirely agreeable 15 degrees: not too hot and not too cold.

So here are a few AfroPop tunes to turn up the heat just a little more and soundtrack a hopefully already perfect day.

Sarah Teibo – Blessed

  • This G Kid-produced track almost certainly needs no introduction
  • Ever since it came out in 2018 it’s been a radio, playlist and video staple everywhere
  • A true international hit for Sarah Teibo, one of the UK’s favorite female artists
  • Follow Sarah Teibo on Spotify

Andrew Bello Ft Victizzle – Never Be The Same

  • It’s always going to be difficult to pick an Andrew Bello song – his catalogue is extensive and his release cycle is impressively frequent
  • I’ve gone with this because it’s his biggest Spotify hit with just under 200,000 streams (as at the time of writing of this)
  • Follow Andrew Bello on Spotify

CalledOut Music – I Am Free

  • Another artist with a breathtaking selection of songs that so many people around the world have taken to heart
  • ‘I Am Free’ has now had just under 2 million YouTube streams
  • Not much more to be said apart from: enjoy
  • Follow CalledOut Music on Spotify

Qyubi – Odo

  • I only discovered Qyubi about a month (or maybe 6 weeks) ago
  • Since then I’ve been listening to as much of his back catalogue as possible
  • He’s got some GREAT songs, and if this is your first time hearing about him (and you like this kind of vibe), go check out the rest – you’re in for a treat!
  • Follow Qyubi on Spotify

24Eldaz – OMI ft Henrisoul

  • 24 Eldaz is one of those artists that makes me both happy and sad for the current season in the UK Gospel scene
  • Sad because there’s so much coming out these days that it’s becoming difficult to find and – more importantly – support brilliant artists
  • On the flip side I’m also happy that digital technology has made recording so cheap, meaning more artists are entering the scene
  • Plus: social media has (kind of) made discovery easy(ier)
  • If you like this one (made in collaboration with Nigeria’s Henrisoul), you know what to do:
  • Follow 24Eldaz on Spotify

BONUS 1: Stevie Valentine – Fall On Me

  • What can I say about Stevie Valentine?
  • If you know about him then you know he gets 40 thousand-plus listens on Spotify every month, and many of his songs on the platform have between 200,000 and 400,000 streams
  • ‘Fall On Me’ is one of his biggest AfroPop songs with over 400,000 streams (his biggest is the Neyo-sampled ‘Stay Strong’ with over 600,000 as at the time of writing)
  • Follow Stevie Valentine on Spotify

BONUS 2: Becca Folkes – Control ft CalledOut Music

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#MOBOGospel Part 4 – Lady T’s Thoughts on The MOBO Gospel 2014 Nominees (Podcast)


MOBO 2014 – The Specials

So, it’s that time of the year again. The MOBOs roll back into town for 2014, returning to the Big Smoke for the first time in years, with the event taking place on October 22nd.

And you can bet your house (or rented accommodation) that the ‘whos’, ‘hows’, and ‘whys’ in response to the announced nominations will – pretty much inevitably – not be that far behind.

What is it about the UK’s biggest Black music awards that completely polarises opinion across the board..?

In the fourth instalment of our special #MOBOGospel series Yinka Awojobi catches up team member Lady T for her take on the 2014 nominees

It got a bit heated.

Continue reading #MOBOGospel Part 4 – Lady T’s Thoughts on The MOBO Gospel 2014 Nominees (Podcast) Podcast 10 – You Have the Power: What Would You Do For UK Gospel…? Podcast 10 – You Have the Power: What Would You Do For UKGospel…?

UKGospel Podcast 10 picture

The first 2013 podcast release from the team and guests…

And (in case you can’t see the photo above for some reason) arguments break out once again over diverse issues including:

  • What the team would do if they were the CEO of the UK Gospel music industry
  • Following the Pope’s lead and resigning…
  • Is it ever okay to swear..?
  • Is it okay to make money from gospel music…?
  • The ‘missing’ young generation of UK gospel music artists…
  • Sex toys and gospel artists
  • And a few more other bits and pieces…

And in case you missed the last one: the ‘Sex Toys’ bit suggests listener discretion advised.

There’s nothing too serious going on, but you’ve been advised anyway…

Representing this time around (again in alphabetical order):

and Yinka Awojobi

Listen to #UKGospelPodcast 10 – Enjoy!

Thoughts on what you’ve heard? 

  • Leave your comments below! Podcast 9 – What We Can’t Talk About in Church!

Still in the locked room… More opinion, comment, mental sparring and controversy skirting.

UKGospel Podcast 9 picture

Originally part of Podcast 8, this 11-minute extract has the team and guests wrestling with the the tricky issue of the things we can – and can’t – talk about in church…

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Download: V9 Collective Podcast

Fun podcast with Yinka Awojobi and London family group V9 Collective – V9 chat to Yinka about their excellent debut album ‘World to Me’, selecting a few tracks to highlight:

Randomness, behind-the-scenes info, what ‘V9’ actually stands for, how old Motown and classic 80s RnB/Soul influenced their sound, why Sam had to put his dodgy vocals on a guide track for guest artist Clinton Jordan plus jokes about *not* listening to non-Christian music,…

Oh yeah – plus some *great* out-takes!