Throwback Thursday Special CD Sale – Raymond & Co, 4 Kornerz, Sammy G, Faith Child!

The UKGospel shop closed down a few years ago – and ever since then the CDs in the store have been sitting in their storage boxes, wondering what will happen next… Well, as an experiment to see whether it’s worth re-opening the shop, a few CDs will be added to this page throughout March 2018.  If there are enough sales I might actually consider reactivating … Continue reading Throwback Thursday Special CD Sale – Raymond & Co, 4 Kornerz, Sammy G, Faith Child!

Free Download – sammy. – ‘The Soundtrack’

sammy. is back (don’t let the name confuse you – you’ll remember him as ‘Sammy G’) His first release after the widely-respected ‘Plain & Simple’ album is – in keeping with the times – a free download. Once again sammy. has hooked up with long-time collaborator/producer Jimmy James (on ‘The Matrix’), but the 4-track EP also includes new production partnerships: Romez Reacher on ‘The Soloist’, and Karac on ‘The … Continue reading Free Download – sammy. – ‘The Soundtrack’

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – June 2011

It’ll be pretty obvious to anyone who cares to look that we’re in the middle of an amazing run of great new music in the UK at the moment

And that’s helped in no small part both by the mixtape culture of giving away free music, and the seemingly dwindling resistance to Christian artists writing songs to mainstream instrumental tracks. Continue reading “The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – June 2011”

Want some *awesome* UK Gospel Music..? Start here!

The recent holiday season was amazing.

If you were shrewd enough in your planning, you might even have been one of those people with an 11-day holiday stretch.  I’m not jealous.

No, really…  I’m not.

Over the same period we’ve been plied with some great new music, so I’ve been a very happy bunny.

Here’s a quick round-up of the music you definitely need in your life.  If you went away you certainly missed the release of an amazing selection of strong music.

There’s still time to get them, though: Continue reading “Want some *awesome* UK Gospel Music..? Start here!”

Video: Faith Child ‘Just Pose’

Very catchy, great little song of affirmation from the forever-cheeky, London-based Faith Child. Proof positive once again (as if you really needed it) that you don’t need a huge budget to create something memorable and effective… ‘Just Pose’ is taken from Faith Child’s excellent debut album, IllumiNATION. And yes, that is Micheala The Poet you can hear on the song as well… Explore further Faith … Continue reading Video: Faith Child ‘Just Pose’

Join the UKGShop Facebook page!

Resistance is futile…? I resisted it for as long as I could but in the end, I don’t think there was much doubt that I was going to create a Facebook page for It’s only been live for a few days (even though I created it months ago), as I just didn’t see the point of a Facebook page. The Potential… To be honest, … Continue reading Join the UKGShop Facebook page!

News: Fantastic News Update – 7 September 2009!

UKG logo

OK, I’ve spent most of last week devoting a lot of time to making sure I pushed my Uncle Simply Andy‘s event The Adventures of Simply Andy (which – seeing as you ask – was amazing)!!

But that means that I now have a lot of news that I have to catch up on.

So this week, stand by for loads of updates coming through, the UKGospel Blog and Continue reading “News: Fantastic News Update – 7 September 2009!”

Funky Fresh 2 comes to

You can’t have missed the noise around T.P’s latest all-singing, all dancing, all-Funky offering from his ‘Funky Fresh’ Series. ‘Funky Fresh 2‘ is once again a 30-minute selection of tracks written produced and mixed by T.P. himself. Fans will be delighted he retains the same winning formula, riding the current Funky House wave that has swept the UK scene in the past 18 months or … Continue reading Funky Fresh 2 comes to