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World Exclusive!!! V9 Collective is back!

Gospel RnB/Soul fans – assemble!

A decade after one of my FAVOURITE family group put out their brilliant and fantastically well-received debut album, ‘World To Me‘, family group V9 Collective is back, folks!!!

After time away from public appearances, Sam, Vernetta, Tula, Ruth and Semele return with a brand new album, ‘Message in the Music’, out 31st May 2021.

V9 Collective, 2010 – I wonder what their new look will be like..?

Sam says: ‘After a few years in the making, this musical offering is a collection of heartfelt songs about life and faith, with the same V9 Collective soul and flair’.

  • In other words: if (like me and many others) you’re in the market for brilliant organic Soul, real instruments, vocal harmonies and musical relationships like only families can do, all wrapped up in a completely unashamed Gospel message, then you need to pre-order your copy already
  • Pre-orders kick off May 11th 2021. Join their mailing list at for album release updates.

And in case you’re wondering – yes, you can just scan that QR code to go straight to their site

If you can’t wait, check out ‘World To Me‘ below to get a feel for what’s in store

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I live in the future. And it’s better than I thought it’d be…

Huge Dream

Back in the day (as in: well over a decade ago), when I was publishing new music release information on the UK Gospel music scene, I had this huge dream to have a BIG problem.

  • I realise that sounds counter-intuitive but stick with me.
  • I longed for a time when I’d be pushing out updates about consistently high quality releases, so much so that I’d barely have the capacity to cope.


  • Simple. That’s one of the primary hallmarks of a maturing music industry: solid output across genres, from the incredibly niche (Gospel Drill anyone?) to the less obvious – think Singer/Songwriter and Gospel love songs (not as weird as it first sounds…)
  • This of course is in addition to the obvious conclusion most of the planet jumps to when they think of what qualifies as ‘Gospel Music’.

Bad Problem

I’ve had MAJOR problems keeping up with #NewMusicFriday updates recently because so much is coming out.

  • Plus: joy of joys – the proportion of well-made songs compared to the (…how do I put this politely..?) entirely unimaginative and incredibly bland fare is higher than it’s been in a while.
  • That’s a bad problem for me because I can’t keep up. I want and its corresponding social feeds to be as frequently updated as possible (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at this point in time – who knows what else is round the corner? Clubhouse?)

Good Problem

But it’s a good problem for anyone looking for decent music from the United Kingdom. There’s now a wide range of choice regardless of music taste.

  • Now, we just need our industry infrastructure to catch up with the music output and we’re set for life. Hopefully that’s where the GMIA comes in, but that’s a story for another day.
  • Speaking of places to go for more on UK Gospel music: stop by the nice folk via the links below and tell them I sent you.
  • Meantime I better start on my #NewMusicFriday updates, too. The guys over on those platforms ain’t playing – they’re fast

As I said: I’m living in the future and I have a content bottleneck problem.

This is a good thing.

Check these guys out

The Spirituals Choir – Wade in The Water

I made this video 1 minute after hearing the new one from The Spirituals Choir for the first time… 🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The full EP, ‘Black History Project Live’ is out on 13 February 2021 (follow the link above for all the details)

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