New Releases – January 2018 (Part 3)

I’ve got a good feeling about 2018. I haven’t had to post so much about so many different things in quite a while – and seeing as it’s the last day of January I need to post this now. In this update: New music, new podcasts, local and international dates released for a long-running play and a night-time Spotify playlist to help you wind down. … Continue reading New Releases – January 2018 (Part 3)

New Releases – January 2018 (Part 2)

Two weeks into the new year and it’s good to see the ‘new thing’ announcements still coming. In this update: there’s a new app for you to download, new music for you to check out, new initiatives to get involved in and mixes for you to stream or download right away. New Music Blessed Man Hip-hop veteran Blessed Man announced the second single from his … Continue reading New Releases – January 2018 (Part 2)

New Music – Natty Joshia: ‘Rollercoaster’

London might get all the attention, but if we’re going to be honest about this Birmingham can also lay a justifiable claim to at least co-owning the soul of UK Gospel music. Just my two pence, but I know many who’ll agree with that ūüôā Natty Joshia‘s new release ‘Rollercoaster’ ft Shyan is out now, taken from his debut EP Rollercoaster, due¬†March 26th 2015. Here’s … Continue reading New Music – Natty Joshia: ‘Rollercoaster’

DJ K – The Love Letters Mixtape (Free Download)

DJ Kelechi - Love Letters

Sneaky new release by my friend DJ K (you may know him as marketing professional, web designer, youth worker Kelechi Amadi).

Love Letters was released to coincide with Valentine’s season 2015, and – as a lot of Christians tend to do at this time of year – looks to offer an expanded/alternative view to the popular perception of love.

Over the years I’ve grown slightly weary about the efficacy of our offering these alternatives when the whole world is entirely focused on something else.¬† Do we come across as just being ‘anti’ for the sake of it..?

More Effective

Is there a more effective way of engaging with mainstream culture than just presenting the ‘Christian Alternative to…’ whatever season we happen to be in at that time…? Continue reading “DJ K – The Love Letters Mixtape (Free Download)”

New Wades Generation Release Superb Memorial Single

Sons, daughters, nieces and nephews of the Wades continue family musical legacy with new group ‘The Wades Next Generation’. Their debut single in ‚ÄėGo Harder‚Äô has just been released and is in memory of Derek Wade (part of the pioneering 80s/90s UK Gospel sibling group The Wades) who sadly died on 6th January 2014. ‘Go Harder’ features the vocal talents of Varren Wade, Ashley David, … Continue reading New Wades Generation Release Superb Memorial Single

How I Ended Up Creating an Amazing Music Video – For Free! (ish)

Dancing Man

Ever thought it was impossible to create a music video because you didn’t have much cash…?

This may help…

You may know that in addition to publishing, I currently present a weekday breakfast radio show on Premier Gospel.  A couple of weekends ago I was looking for ways to create a short video to promote the show.

I’ve done lots of audio promos – that’s standard procedure for radio.¬† But I wanted to do more video, as the challenges around using video to promote radio are interesting on multiple levels.

Continue reading “How I Ended Up Creating an Amazing Music Video – For Free! (ish)”

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

Man listening to music on headphones

I won’t lie.¬† I could blame a whole host of things for not posting an ‘Essential Tracklist’ in a while, but the truth is that I haven’t found much to excite me in 2013.

Some good stuff has come out this year but nothing grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, demanded my attention, forced me to drop everything I’m doing and get excited about UK Gospel music again.

Until now.

If I subscribed to conspiracy theories, my take would be that a whole bunch of UK artists decided to leave a whole lot of us UK gospel music fans waiting until the final third of the year before bringing it.

…And bring it they have.¬† Even more exciting is the fact that – in addition to the (pretty much inevitable) stream of Street music that continues to bring a spark to the scene, there’s some intensely delicious Soul, RnB and Singer/Songwriter stuff surfacing.

Anyway here is, in no particular order, some of the music that’s getting me majorly excited at the moment Continue reading “The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013”

[Free Download] ‘Riddim Culture Presents Ram 1’

As a subgenre UK Gospel Reggae has never really got the props it truly deserves. It has as many¬†(arguably more) players active on the international scene as the more high-profile Hip-Hop and ‘traditional’ gospel artists. ¬†But – like much of the wider contemporary Gospel music scene – it’s consistently under the shadow of its mainstream equivalent. Still, the Reggae Gospel lot are a hardy breed, … Continue reading [Free Download] ‘Riddim Culture Presents Ram 1’

[Free Download] – Dwayne – ‘Sun Is Shining’

The Writeway Music camp campaign to keep the good music coming¬†continues… Dwayne¬†(he used to go by the name ‘Rhema’) is one-fourth of Writeway Music (along with Tunday, Presha J and Leke), and this free track is ‘Sun is Shining’ – with his lyrics over the¬†Netsky Drumstep Remix of¬†Rusko’s song of the same name… Listen and download below: EXPLORE MORE Follow Dwayne on Twitter Writeway Music … Continue reading [Free Download] – Dwayne – ‘Sun Is Shining’

[Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up

New Guvna B¬†Single¬†Challenges Judgemental Apathy You’ve probably seen it in action. ¬†I’ve certainly had to stop myself doing it: someone starts off as a hugely passionate Christian. And then they’re not as passionate. Then they might even completely disappear off the radar… So what to do? Write them off, get on my rather high spiritual horse? Or show a little compassion and concern? Guvna B … Continue reading [Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up