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New Releases – January 2018 (Part 3)

I’ve got a good feeling about 2018. I haven’t had to post so much about so many different things in quite a while – and seeing as it’s the last day of January I need to post this now.

In this update:

New music, new podcasts, local and international dates released for a long-running play and a night-time Spotify playlist to help you wind down.


Alan Charles has always been good with words.

After releasing two albums several years ago, he branched out into theatre about nine years ago, and ‘Love, Sax and All That Jazz’ was born – and it’s been playing to capacity, often sell-out audiences here in the UK and abroad ever since.

New dates have now been announced for 2018. International performances include venues in Antigua, Grenada and St Kitts & Nevis. As the time of writing UK dates include E5 Church in Bristol.


Kandid with Lady T

If podcasts are your thing there’s good news for you, too: Lady T is recording series 2 of her no-holds-barred, nothing-off-limits Kandid Podcast. Catch up with earlier episodes here.

#Scripture Podcast

A brand new podcast series launched last week, too. Funmi from Save Our Socials and Tina from Kingdom Politics (pictured in this post’s lead image) describe the #Scripture Podcast as:

‘Your sophisticatedly ratchet Word delivery system. It’s posh meets urban, truthful & candid discussions. A LOT of humour mixed with a little tough love – everyday topics with an everlasting God’.

The branding is irreverent and fun. Check them out on SoundCloud to hear what it’s all about.

Initiatives – IAIMA

If you haven’t caught up with the new UKGVoiceNote series then you’ve obviously missed out on the incredible work that Loretta and Bianca Rose are doing with IAIMA

If you’re an artist and haven’t heard of IAIMA, do your career and ministry a huge favour and get yourself down to their website right away.

IAIMA is described as an ‘ultimate resource for independent music artists’. The team has created diverse content in the form of videos, articles & podcasts, where both artists and industry experts share their insight and experiences to help you move forward.

Have a listen to Loretta’s voice note for more details


Curated music your thing? Point your ears at the newest list from Jermaine at the Sound Doctrine: following his debut, gamers-inspired’ Spotify #GameFace playlist, #Halflight was made specifically for those late nights when you want the music to reflect your mellow mood.

Events and Seminars

Noel Robinson/Renewal

I remember when Noel Robinson started this Kingdom Worship Movement ‘Renewal’ journey with a simple but powerful dream: to create a platform for Christians to actively join together across musical and racial lines, celebrating and learning from each other in worship, teaching, seminars and workshops. Incredible to think that was a decade ago.

This year’s ‘Renewal’ event returns to London this Friday. Click here for all you need to know.


Snatcha – Reign

Snatcha released ‘Reign’ with several eye catching versions of the cover.

It’s a clever combination of an old time Nigerian chorus set to a deceptively mellow but catchy rhythm which will either spark sweet nostalgia or introduce you to your new favourite Afrobeats track. Either way it’s a win-win.

As a matter of fact, seeing as you can also get it as a free download (or you can pay whatever you want to), technically it’s really a ‘win-win-win’

Smooflow & Kaeydan – ‘God Is Calling’

Kaeydan is 6. That’s probably all I need to say on that. Six years old, and he’s been doing this for a while. 6 years old. I know.

I’ve been listening to this father-and-son release on my phone for a while now, and it should be out soon. More details on FEROmedia on Twitter

Sianny – U R My Strength

Sianny’s ‘Yahweh’ was one of my favourite UK Gospel releases for 2017 so it’s good to know that there’s still more to come from her via her management team, headed by Adrian J Moore.

You can check out U R My Strength on SoundCloud. At the time of my writing this it’s available as a free download.

Ted Jiboye – Faithful

Faithful is new from Ted and came out last week. It features a range of UK artists including Noel Robinson, Muyiwa, Jacy Mai and Ian Oakley and is produced by Goz Iam who has a rock solid production track record. Get it on your favourite digital store.

More information at

There’s still a lot more to write about, but that’s all for next month (which funny enough is less than 24 hours away…)

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New Releases – January 2018 (Part 2)

Two weeks into the new year and it’s good to see the ‘new thing’ announcements still coming.

In this update: there’s a new app for you to download, new music for you to check out, new initiatives to get involved in and mixes for you to stream or download right away.

New Music

Blessed Man

Hip-hop veteran Blessed Man announced the second single from his upcoming new album (his first album release in many years).

‘Worthy is the Lamb’ features another long serving artist Nathan Prime, and drops ‘soon’, according to a post on his Facebook page.

Precious Pearl Riddim

If you’re a Reggae music fan you’ll want to check out UK/Bahamas collaboration the ‘Precious Pearl Riddim’ EP.

Precious Pearl Riddim - click cover to stream on SpotifyIn typical genre format, the 5-track project offers variations on a fundamental rhythm track, and features Toyin Adekale, Keziah Job, Unlimited Angel, The Davis Family and Deacon Judah.

Click on the album cover to stream it on Spotify.

CalledOut Music

And if you need even more tropical heat in your life right now (and who doesn’t, in view of our current winter weather) you need to get acquainted with CalledOut Music‘s brand new one.

I Am Free‘ is out now, and given its catchy rhythm (and bilingual lyric video), chances are you’ll be singing along in next to no time.

Female Artists

I don’t know what triggered it but something really good (re)started in 2016: more female artists started releasing music more consistently.  Thankfully it’s a trend that continued in 2017.

If this month is anything to go by, it’s looking like the sisters are here to stay – and thank God for that, too.

Here are a few artists to check out:

Nikki Seriki

Nikki Seriki‘s new one is called I Found You, and it’s produced by Ibe Giantkiller.

Click the cover image to watch the lyric video.

Lurine Cato

I’m also looking forward to the rest of the world hearing ‘B Loved‘, the brand new single from Lurine Cato, fresh from her lead vocal appearance on the B Positive Choir’s debut single.

B Loved‘ is an atmospheric, Trap-infused song, liberally underpinned with great words of encouragement.

It should be widely available by the end of January – and you neeeeeeed to check it out.

More Great News

Philippa Hanna

And the great news doesn’t stop there. There’s a lot of brilliant activity on the boundaries of the music sphere: Philippa Hanna (photo at top of this entry) started an excellent ‘Inspiration 365’ vlog series at the beginning of the month.

You’re already 15 days behind so catch up here.

Sarah Teibo

Sarah Teibo has just launched a weekly Spotify playlist called ‘Songs of Hope’.

The selection will no doubt come from a very real place and be heavily influenced by her own recent loss: the death of her mum in late 2017.

Sandra Godley

And speaking of sisters doing big things: Sandra Godley’s ‘Sing For Sandra‘ initiative is awesome.

She’s putting together a very special, hugely inspiring ‘Gosp-Ability choir’, comprising people who have faced either mental or physical challenges in their lives and are overcoming them.

Once complete, the fully assembled choir is scheduled to perform in Windsor to mark Prince Harry’s wedding.

Full details at the Sing for Sandra website.

Nadine Lee

I was also really glad to find out that Nadine Lee‘s upcoming EP project is going to be one of those that doesn’t fall squarely into the ‘Gospel music’ genre.

We need more of our creatives to continue exploring themes that don’t necessarily fall into typical ‘Gospel’ category, and colour outside those perceived boundaries.

If her name (or face) rings a bell it’s probably because she’s one half of Ekklesia, or it might be because you saw her on BBC’s Gospel Choir of the Year in December 2017 teaching and directing the incredible youthful sound of London College of Creative Media.

New App for Kingdom Culture

One of my favourite sites to launch last year was Kingdom Culture, and exactly a year after their debut they’ve launched the KCMix Android app, bringing mixtapes, releases, reviews, music videos interviews and the latest on the scene as a whole.

New Mixtape from DJ Kelechi

DJ Kelechi‘s previous set, the Afrobeats Mixtape Volume 3 is actually a December 2017 release, but it actually got massive love (and serious traction) early in the new year.

If you liked it, then – good news – there’s now a new one out.

It’s also the first in a new series: ‘Move’ Volume 1 features transcontinental artists including J Vessel, Britt Nicole, Hollyn, Guvna B, Gawvi and more.

It’s full of Kelechi’s trademark mix and blends, cheeky edits and reworks (the clever Lurine Cato/Craig David mash-up right off the bat should give you an idea of what’s in store).

As usual, Kelechi focuses on mixing duties, turning hosting over Mr Beezy.

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New Music – Natty Joshia: ‘Rollercoaster’

Click to download Rollercoaster from NoisetradeLondon might get all the attention, but if we’re going to be honest about this Birmingham can also lay a justifiable claim to at least co-owning the soul of UK Gospel music.

Just my two pence, but I know many who’ll agree with that 🙂

Natty Joshia‘s new release ‘Rollercoaster’ ft Shyan is out now, taken from his debut EP Rollercoaster, due March 26th 2015.

Here’s the official press release:

From sharing a stage with Mali Music to headlining with Guvna B, UK singer-songwriter musician Natty Joshia is fast becoming one of the UK’s most respected underground artist and is set to dominate the gospel chart with his new single, ‘Rollercoaster’ ft. Shyan Smith.

After continuously stealing critical acclaim coupled with the ability to transcend musical genres with tracks such as ‘Draw Me Close’ and ‘Question,’ Natty brings us Rollercoaster which is set for release on 19th February.

With a touch of neo soul, mash up of contemporary R&B, uplifting lyrics and extraordinary soulful vocals Rollercoaster reminds us that through the complexities of life and challenging times, God will always remain in control, some of you may think you’ve reached your limits, gone as far as you can, but God has the final say.

This is not your average ‘gospel’ track or your typical R&B jam, this is music that feeds your soul … .’Rollercoaster’

Now you get a chance to make up your own mind – listen to a snippet below:

How to Get It

Click image to download from NoiseTrade (opens in new window)
Click image to download from NoiseTrade (opens in new window)








Download at Natty’s NoiseTrade page:

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Follow Natty Joshia:

DJ K – The Love Letters Mixtape (Free Download)

DJ Kelechi - Love Letters

Sneaky new release by my friend DJ K (you may know him as marketing professional, web designer, youth worker Kelechi Amadi).

Love Letters was released to coincide with Valentine’s season 2015, and – as a lot of Christians tend to do at this time of year – looks to offer an expanded/alternative view to the popular perception of love.

Over the years I’ve grown slightly weary about the efficacy of our offering these alternatives when the whole world is entirely focused on something else.  Do we come across as just being ‘anti’ for the sake of it..?

More Effective

Is there a more effective way of engaging with mainstream culture than just presenting the ‘Christian Alternative to…’ whatever season we happen to be in at that time…? Continue reading DJ K – The Love Letters Mixtape (Free Download)

New Wades Generation Release Superb Memorial Single

Sons, daughters, nieces and nephews of the Wades continue family musical legacy with new group ‘The Wades Next Generation’.

Their debut single in ‘Go Harder’ has just been released and is in memory of Derek Wade (part of the pioneering 80s/90s UK Gospel sibling group The Wades) who sadly died on 6th January 2014.

‘Go Harder’ features the vocal talents of Varren Wade, Ashley David, Jalissa, Jazz Montell and Coco Dupree. It was produced by Dean ‘Deanyboy’ Livermore (who also contributed to the vocals).

Watch the video

Buy the single

The Wades Next Generation - Go HarderBuy on iTunes:

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How I Ended Up Creating an Amazing Music Video – For Free! (ish)

Dancing Man

Ever thought it was impossible to create a music video because you didn’t have much cash…?

This may help…

You may know that in addition to publishing, I currently present a weekday breakfast radio show on Premier Gospel.  A couple of weekends ago I was looking for ways to create a short video to promote the show.

I’ve done lots of audio promos – that’s standard procedure for radio.  But I wanted to do more video, as the challenges around using video to promote radio are interesting on multiple levels.

Continue reading How I Ended Up Creating an Amazing Music Video – For Free! (ish)

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

Man listening to music on headphones

I won’t lie.  I could blame a whole host of things for not posting an ‘Essential Tracklist’ in a while, but the truth is that I haven’t found much to excite me in 2013.

Some good stuff has come out this year but nothing grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, demanded my attention, forced me to drop everything I’m doing and get excited about UK Gospel music again.

Until now.

If I subscribed to conspiracy theories, my take would be that a whole bunch of UK artists decided to leave a whole lot of us UK gospel music fans waiting until the final third of the year before bringing it.

…And bring it they have.  Even more exciting is the fact that – in addition to the (pretty much inevitable) stream of Street music that continues to bring a spark to the scene, there’s some intensely delicious Soul, RnB and Singer/Songwriter stuff surfacing.

Anyway here is, in no particular order, some of the music that’s getting me majorly excited at the moment Continue reading The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

[Free Download] ‘Riddim Culture Presents Ram 1’

Riddim Culture Presents - Ram1

As a subgenre UK Gospel Reggae has never really got the props it truly deserves.

It has as many (arguably more) players active on the international scene as the more high-profile Hip-Hop and ‘traditional’ gospel artists.  But – like much of the wider contemporary Gospel music scene – it’s consistently under the shadow of its mainstream equivalent.

Still, the Reggae Gospel lot are a hardy breed, consistently putting out the music, regardless (perhaps that should be ‘in spite of’) the scant attention it gets in the UK gospel mainstream.

Ram 1‘s newest release, his first mixtape, put together by his label Riddim Culture (itself a creation of the unstoppable producer Edward Holland Junior) is a feast of the diverse subgenres Reggae offers: Roots, Dub, Dancehall and some of the more difficult-to-define styles.

Bob Marley fans will adore Ram 1‘s interpretation of the classic One Drop among the other delights on offer.

This 30-track free download set (17 music tracks, and 13 feature/shoutouts from personalities as diverse as genre-hopping acts like sammy.,  Jahaziel and Manchester’s Panache, as well as UK Gospel Reggae veterans like Birmingham’s Spanna, London’s Gyamma to Malta’s Living Waters) comes very highly recommended.

If you’re not a huge Reggae fan – or are in the market for a decent introduction to the genre – this a superb place to start!


[Free Download] – Dwayne – ‘Sun Is Shining’

The Writeway Music camp campaign to keep the good music coming continues… Dwayne Edwards Dwayne (he used to go by the name ‘Rhema’) is one-fourth of Writeway Music (along with Tunday, Presha J and Leke), and this free track is ‘Sun is Shining’ – with his lyrics over the Netsky Drumstep Remix of Rusko’s song of the same name… Listen and download below: EXPLORE MORE

[Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up

New Guvna B Single Challenges Judgemental Apathy

Guvna B - Sending One Up

You’ve probably seen it in action.  I’ve certainly had to stop myself doing it: someone starts off as a hugely passionate Christian. And then they’re not as passionate. Then they might even completely disappear off the radar…

So what to do? Write them off, get on my rather high spiritual horse? Or show a little compassion and concern?

Guvna B tackles the issue head on with ‘Sending One Up’, available for download on February the 10th 2013.

Following on from ‘Free’ (which went on to become one of 2012’s biggest selling Christian singles in the UK), the Guvna returns with this, the second single from his upcoming second album, Odd One Out. 

Sending One Up‘ is another product of the long-running partnership between Guvna B and Victizzle (which goes as far back as Guvna‘s breakthrough debut single ‘Looking Out of the Window‘), with additional vocals from another long-time collaborator, Vicky Akintola.

Watch ‘Sending One Up’

Listen to ‘Sending One Up’