Why You (Still) Need Radio in Your Life – By Radio Presenters (Part 1)

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In an age where you completely control every aspect of your audio consumption experience, why do you still need music radio..?

I’ll be honest: before I started working in radio I had very little time for the medium.

These days we’re spoilt for choice, with options for free and paid download services, or audio streaming via any number of platforms, most of which are (for the moment at least), free.  So why in the world would anyone need radio?

Read the full background and introduction to this series.

The Radio Presenter

For the first ‘proper’ post of the series I’m starting with the most obvious of options: the radio presenter.

Presenters play a massive part in your decision to stick with a show, or even an entire station.  They give you reasons to love them (or not to), and that could take practically any form: their music choice, presenting style, features on their show, the people they interview, news they bring, or that indefinable vibe they possess.

I reached out to 3 different presenters working at three different stations across the country: Jermaine Dallas in London, DJ Naadlox from the Midlands and Mel and Carmen Carrol in Bristol.

In case you haven’t guessed by now the idea here isn’t necessarily just to big up radio (in some respects that’s almost a fringe benefit) but to point you in the direction of Gospel Radio across the UK.

Name: Jermaine Dallas (aka DJ Fireman)

Jermaine Dallas
Show: The UK Gospel Show

The one thing you get on my show that you won’t hear anywhere else: A singular focus on the best music from all over the UK – not just London!

Station: Premier Gospel
Show Times: Sundays at 8pm
Music Styles: All styles of gospel music.  As long as it’s British and as long as it’s top draw

You should listen to my show because: We speak to all the biggest artists from the world of gospel music in this country. We find out about the stories behind the tracks and unearth some hidden gems that you might not have heard of – but should.

We give a nod to the heritage of the scene but also serve up what’s hot, and it’s all done in an engaging way that no music app on your phone can match!


Name: DJ Naadlox

DJ Naadlox
Show: Soulcure Radio (and partnering networks in the Caribbean)

The Ackee and Saltfish Show
The Urban Prayze Show
The Alabaster Worship Show

Kemet Fm: The Gospel Show

The one thing you get on my show that you won’t hear anywhere else: the unique sounds of me (in pure patois) and my co-cost Sista Shez, mixing and blenn’ing good good music, old music, new music, and exclusive music.

Along with the word of God, airhorns and a whole load of banter!

Station: Soulcure Radio
Show times: 7pm-10pm Monday Evening
Music styles: Ackee and Saltfish – Reggae, Dancehall and Soca
Urban Prayze: RnB, Hiphop, House, Dance, Praise
Alabaster Hour: Worship

You should listen to my show because: You will hear a diverse range of music within specialist shows, which include interviews with UK based and international artists.

Whilst Gospel music is now more widely available, if you don’t know what you are looking for it can be hard to buy new gospel music.

Listening to our shows gives you the opportunity to hear what’s current; to allow you to hopefully support the artistes and purchase their music.

Much like other DJs and radio presenters we get sent new and exclusive tracks from the artistes which you may have never heard before, so it’s good to tune in to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in gospel music.

Plus you get to be blessed by the beautiful ladies of Soulcure for a whole three hours! What more could you want?

Name: Mel & Carmen Carrol

Carmen and Mel Carrol (by PS.-Photography)Show: Soul2Sole Show

The one thing you get on our show that you won’t hear anywhere else: You never know in what form the inspiration will come.

Radio provides the opportunity for listener engagement and Soul2Sole is one of the few gospel shows whose primary focus is on the un-churched.

There is great satisfaction to know we are changing lives for the better and it’s a real privilege to part of it.

Station: Ujima Radio 98FM Bristol
Show time: Saturdays 2pm – 4pm
Music styles: Urban Gospel & Uplifting Soulful House

You should listen to our show because: we love to have fun and at the same time provide the tools to help succeed in every area of your life, and not forgetting….great music.


Part 2 of the presenter instalment will be live soon. In the meantime give these shows a go and let me know how you find them – or if you’ll be running back to Spotify… 🙂

Links to further story sets are below.

(Huge thanks to Henry Yanney and Phil Mayers for the proof read and subtle sub-editing of this piece)

Yinka Awojobi
Content Development

Why You Still Need Radio in Your Life (by the people who should know)


Set 1 – Presenters

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