5 UK Gospel AfroPop Songs to Soundtrack Your Day

‘Summertime and the livin’ is easy…’

Today is a perfect UK summer’s day: the maximum temperature is a cinderella-optimum, entirely agreeable 15 degrees: not too hot and not too cold.

So here are a few AfroPop tunes to turn up the heat just a little more and soundtrack a hopefully already perfect day.

Sarah Teibo – Blessed

  • This G Kid-produced track almost certainly needs no introduction
  • Ever since it came out in 2018 it’s been a radio, playlist and video staple everywhere
  • A true international hit for Sarah Teibo, one of the UK’s favorite female artists
  • Follow Sarah Teibo on Spotify

Andrew Bello Ft Victizzle – Never Be The Same

  • It’s always going to be difficult to pick an Andrew Bello song – his catalogue is extensive and his release cycle is impressively frequent
  • I’ve gone with this because it’s his biggest Spotify hit with just under 200,000 streams (as at the time of writing of this)
  • Follow Andrew Bello on Spotify

CalledOut Music – I Am Free

  • Another artist with a breathtaking selection of songs that so many people around the world have taken to heart
  • ‘I Am Free’ has now had just under 2 million YouTube streams
  • Not much more to be said apart from: enjoy
  • Follow CalledOut Music on Spotify

Qyubi – Odo

  • I only discovered Qyubi about a month (or maybe 6 weeks) ago
  • Since then I’ve been listening to as much of his back catalogue as possible
  • He’s got some GREAT songs, and if this is your first time hearing about him (and you like this kind of vibe), go check out the rest – you’re in for a treat!
  • Follow Qyubi on Spotify

24Eldaz – OMI ft Henrisoul

  • 24 Eldaz is one of those artists that makes me both happy and sad for the current season in the UK Gospel scene
  • Sad because there’s so much coming out these days that it’s becoming difficult to find and – more importantly – support brilliant artists
  • On the flip side I’m also happy that digital technology has made recording so cheap, meaning more artists are entering the scene
  • Plus: social media has (kind of) made discovery easy(ier)
  • If you like this one (made in collaboration with Nigeria’s Henrisoul), you know what to do:
  • Follow 24Eldaz on Spotify

BONUS 1: Stevie Valentine – Fall On Me

  • What can I say about Stevie Valentine?
  • If you know about him then you know he gets 40 thousand-plus listens on Spotify every month, and many of his songs on the platform have between 200,000 and 400,000 streams
  • ‘Fall On Me’ is one of his biggest AfroPop songs with over 400,000 streams (his biggest is the Neyo-sampled ‘Stay Strong’ with over 600,000 as at the time of writing)
  • Follow Stevie Valentine on Spotify

BONUS 2: Becca Folkes – Control ft CalledOut Music

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