New Releases – January 2018 (Part 3)

I’ve got a good feeling about 2018. I haven’t had to post so much about so many different things in quite a while – and seeing as it’s the last day of January I need to post this now.

In this update:

New music, new podcasts, local and international dates released for a long-running play and a night-time Spotify playlist to help you wind down.


Alan Charles has always been good with words.

After releasing two albums several years ago, he branched out into theatre about nine years ago, and ‘Love, Sax and All That Jazz’ was born – and it’s been playing to capacity, often sell-out audiences here in the UK and abroad ever since.

New dates have now been announced for 2018. International performances include venues in Antigua, Grenada and St Kitts & Nevis. As the time of writing UK dates include E5 Church in Bristol.


Kandid with Lady T

If podcasts are your thing there’s good news for you, too: Lady T is recording series 2 of her no-holds-barred, nothing-off-limits Kandid Podcast. Catch up with earlier episodes here.

#Scripture Podcast

A brand new podcast series launched last week, too. Funmi from Save Our Socials and Tina from Kingdom Politics (pictured in this post’s lead image) describe the #Scripture Podcast as:

‘Your sophisticatedly ratchet Word delivery system. It’s posh meets urban, truthful & candid discussions. A LOT of humour mixed with a little tough love – everyday topics with an everlasting God’.

The branding is irreverent and fun. Check them out on SoundCloud to hear what it’s all about.

Initiatives – IAIMA

If you haven’t caught up with the new UKGVoiceNote series then you’ve obviously missed out on the incredible work that Loretta and Bianca Rose are doing with IAIMA

If you’re an artist and haven’t heard of IAIMA, do your career and ministry a huge favour and get yourself down to their website right away.

IAIMA is described as an ‘ultimate resource for independent music artists’. The team has created diverse content in the form of videos, articles & podcasts, where both artists and industry experts share their insight and experiences to help you move forward.

Have a listen to Loretta’s voice note for more details


Curated music your thing? Point your ears at the newest list from Jermaine at the Sound Doctrine: following his debut, gamers-inspired’ Spotify #GameFace playlist, #Halflight was made specifically for those late nights when you want the music to reflect your mellow mood.

Events and Seminars

Noel Robinson/Renewal

I remember when Noel Robinson started this Kingdom Worship Movement ‘Renewal’ journey with a simple but powerful dream: to create a platform for Christians to actively join together across musical and racial lines, celebrating and learning from each other in worship, teaching, seminars and workshops. Incredible to think that was a decade ago.

This year’s ‘Renewal’ event returns to London this Friday. Click here for all you need to know.


Snatcha – Reign

Snatcha released ‘Reign’ with several eye catching versions of the cover.

It’s a clever combination of an old time Nigerian chorus set to a deceptively mellow but catchy rhythm which will either spark sweet nostalgia or introduce you to your new favourite Afrobeats track. Either way it’s a win-win.

As a matter of fact, seeing as you can also get it as a free download (or you can pay whatever you want to), technically it’s really a ‘win-win-win’

Smooflow & Kaeydan – ‘God Is Calling’

Kaeydan is 6. That’s probably all I need to say on that. Six years old, and he’s been doing this for a while. 6 years old. I know.

I’ve been listening to this father-and-son release on my phone for a while now, and it should be out soon. More details on FEROmedia on Twitter

Sianny – U R My Strength

Sianny’s ‘Yahweh’ was one of my favourite UK Gospel releases for 2017 so it’s good to know that there’s still more to come from her via her management team, headed by Adrian J Moore.

You can check out U R My Strength on SoundCloud. At the time of my writing this it’s available as a free download.

Ted Jiboye – Faithful

Faithful is new from Ted and came out last week. It features a range of UK artists including Noel Robinson, Muyiwa, Jacy Mai and Ian Oakley and is produced by Goz Iam who has a rock solid production track record. Get it on your favourite digital store.

More information at

There’s still a lot more to write about, but that’s all for next month (which funny enough is less than 24 hours away…)

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