DJ K – The Love Letters Mixtape (Free Download)

DJ Kelechi - Love Letters

Sneaky new release by my friend DJ K (you may know him as marketing professional, web designer, youth worker Kelechi Amadi).

Love Letters was released to coincide with Valentine’s season 2015, and – as a lot of Christians tend to do at this time of year – looks to offer an expanded/alternative view to the popular perception of love.

Over the years I’ve grown slightly weary about the efficacy of our offering these alternatives when the whole world is entirely focused on something else.  Do we come across as just being ‘anti’ for the sake of it..?

More Effective

Is there a more effective way of engaging with mainstream culture than just presenting the ‘Christian Alternative to…’ whatever season we happen to be in at that time…?

Still, that’s more about me thinking aloud on the subject than offering my view on this mixtape.  As it happens it’s yet another great release from Kelechi’s stable of mixes (if you’re new to him, you’re in for a treat).

Extra Mile

As per usual, Kelechi goes the extra mile, adding quite challenging expository spoken segments to the mix (pardon the pun).

This isn’t just for you to share with your unsaved friend/family member/work colleague: through the spoken word segments (from the likes of by Mike Pilavachi of Soul Survivor as well as Francis Chan and Lisa Chan) there’s much to challenge what is possibly now conventional Western Christian cultural thought about love and life.

In any case, it’s definitely definitely (yes, I wrote that twice) worth you giving this a listen:

Love Letters Mixtape – Full Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Won’t Give It Up (feat. Shezar) – Guvna B
3. You Know It – S.O.
4. It’s Not All About You – Lisa Chan
5. All I Need Is You – Lecrae
6. God Looks Good on You – Canton Jones
7. Good Thing (feat. Leah Smith) – Trip Lee
8. Runners – Lecrae
9. Be A Strong Man – Francis Chan
10. Shoot Me Down (feat. Black Knight) – Drew Allen
11. Mr. & Mrs. (I Do This for You) – Group 1 Crew
12. Forever – J Vessel
13. Let It Go (Acoustic Version) (feat. Lola Godheld) – Favour
14. The Basis Is Friendship – Mike Pilavachi
15. For The Greater Ft Mica Jazelle – Guvna B
16. My Angel (feat. Sean Simmonds) – Jahaziel
17. The problem with our culture – Mike Pilavachi
18. 24 Year Old V.I.R.G.I.N. – Tru2DaName
19. Heavy Love – Mali Music
20. Sexy/Beautiful – WariYah
21. Adam’s Little Helper – Mike Pilavachi
22. Made for Me – tobyMac
23. God Want’s The Best For You – Mike Pilavachi
24. Just Leave – David Keigh
25. Wanna (feat. Jgivens) – Christon Gray
26. All We Got (feat. Dimitri McDowell) – Andy Mineo
27. That’s What Love Is – Mike Pilavachi
28. W.L.A.Q (feat. Christon Gray & Swoope) – W.L.A.K.
29. Outro – Francis & Lisa Chan, Mike Pilavachi

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