[Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up

New Guvna B Single Challenges Judgemental Apathy

Guvna B - Sending One Up

You’ve probably seen it in action.  I’ve certainly had to stop myself doing it: someone starts off as a hugely passionate Christian. And then they’re not as passionate. Then they might even completely disappear off the radar…

So what to do? Write them off, get on my rather high spiritual horse? Or show a little compassion and concern?

Guvna B tackles the issue head on with ‘Sending One Up’, available for download on February the 10th 2013.

Following on from ‘Free’ (which went on to become one of 2012’s biggest selling Christian singles in the UK), the Guvna returns with this, the second single from his upcoming second album, Odd One Out. 

Sending One Up‘ is another product of the long-running partnership between Guvna B and Victizzle (which goes as far back as Guvna‘s breakthrough debut single ‘Looking Out of the Window‘), with additional vocals from another long-time collaborator, Vicky Akintola.

Watch ‘Sending One Up’

Listen to ‘Sending One Up’


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