New Music – Natty Joshia: ‘Rollercoaster’

Click to download Rollercoaster from NoisetradeLondon might get all the attention, but if we’re going to be honest about this Birmingham can also lay a justifiable claim to at least co-owning the soul of UK Gospel music.

Just my two pence, but I know many who’ll agree with that 🙂

Natty Joshia‘s new release ‘Rollercoaster’ ft Shyan is out now, taken from his debut EP Rollercoaster, due March 26th 2015.

Here’s the official press release:

From sharing a stage with Mali Music to headlining with Guvna B, UK singer-songwriter musician Natty Joshia is fast becoming one of the UK’s most respected underground artist and is set to dominate the gospel chart with his new single, ‘Rollercoaster’ ft. Shyan Smith.

After continuously stealing critical acclaim coupled with the ability to transcend musical genres with tracks such as ‘Draw Me Close’ and ‘Question,’ Natty brings us Rollercoaster which is set for release on 19th February.

With a touch of neo soul, mash up of contemporary R&B, uplifting lyrics and extraordinary soulful vocals Rollercoaster reminds us that through the complexities of life and challenging times, God will always remain in control, some of you may think you’ve reached your limits, gone as far as you can, but God has the final say.

This is not your average ‘gospel’ track or your typical R&B jam, this is music that feeds your soul … .’Rollercoaster’

Now you get a chance to make up your own mind – listen to a snippet below:

How to Get It

Click image to download from NoiseTrade (opens in new window)
Click image to download from NoiseTrade (opens in new window)








Download at Natty’s NoiseTrade page:

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