Podcast 9 – What We Can’t Talk About in Church!

Still in the locked room… More opinion, comment, mental sparring and controversy skirting.

UKGospel Podcast 9 picture

Originally part of Podcast 8, this 11-minute extract has the team and guests wrestling with the the tricky issue of the things we can – and can’t – talk about in church…

Brief, provocative and inconclusive, issues we apparently cannot talk about in church include:

  • Sex, sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Wealth
  • Mental health issues
  • The lottery
  • Criticising Israel
  • Gambling
  • Institutionalised segregation

Representing this time around (again in alphabetical order):

and Yinka Awojobi

Listen to #UKGospelPodcast 9

Release date: July 15, 2012

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