Podcast 10 – You Have the Power: What Would You Do For UKGospel…?

UKGospel Podcast 10 picture

The first 2013 podcast release from the team and guests…

And (in case you can’t see the photo above for some reason) arguments break out once again over diverse issues including:

  • What the team would do if they were the CEO of the UK Gospel music industry
  • Following the Pope’s lead and resigning…
  • Is it ever okay to swear..?
  • Is it okay to make money from gospel music…?
  • The ‘missing’ young generation of UK gospel music artists…
  • Sex toys and gospel artists
  • And a few more other bits and pieces…

And in case you missed the last one: the ‘Sex Toys’ bit suggests listener discretion advised.

There’s nothing too serious going on, but you’ve been advised anyway…

Representing this time around (again in alphabetical order):

and Yinka Awojobi

Listen to #UKGospelPodcast 10 – Enjoy!

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