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Premier Gospel Awards 2022: Amazing List – and an Amazing Miss?

The Premier Gospel Awards return after 2 years away with a brilliant 2022 nominee list, celebrating the absolute cream of the UK Gospel music crop (I don’t envy the voting panel – the nominees are strong across all the categories!). Overlooked However: it’s only right to point out that the Street Music category, a segment of the scene that remained vital and vibrant through the … Continue reading Premier Gospel Awards 2022: Amazing List – and an Amazing Miss?

And – finally – I’d Like to Thank God…

Sometime in September Miss Tobi sent me the tweet congratulating me on the nomination.

It was the first I heard of it.  As it turned out, I’d been nominated in the ‘Best Radio Personality’ category for the 2012 Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts Awards (BEFFTAs).

I was shocked.  As in ‘stunned, but very pleasantly surprised’.  Pretty much the very same reaction I had when my first-ever nomination came in for the same category in last year’s BEFFTAs.

I didn’t win of course, but – cliché time – it felt fantastic just to be nominated.

To put this into some sort of context, I’d only been doing radio for about two years when that first nomination came in…


What makes this whole thing special for me is the fact that I’m nominated in an ‘open’ category, not a ‘Gospel’ one…

And yes, while that might (possibly) sound like a contradiction in evangelical terms to some people (do refrain from hurling your stones of righteous indignation, and leave them in their pouches a minute longer), from my point of view it means I’m being assessed via the same yardstick as people in mainstream radio – from places like the BBC and Choice FM, to mention just two.

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Thanks to Dayo from Quadosh for the GREAT picture.

If you’re my friend on Facebook or following me on Twitter, then you know I’ve been dropping these rather unsubtle hints about my BIG Announcement for the past few weeks.

Well, here it is:

Starting tomorrow, 1st February 2010, I’ll be co- presenting a new radio show on a new radio station in London!

All those cryptic messages about ‘going off to training’, ‘waking up early’ and ‘being extremely nervous’ all boil down to this: Continue reading “So, my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is…”