I have a small tear of sadness in my eye and a fair bit of heaviness in my soul.


Just found a demo for a UKGospel.com spin-off radio project called ‘UKG Spin!’, that I did back in something like 2003/2004.

This was YEARS before podcasts were a thing (and before I was even on radio).UKGSpin! 1

I’d created stings and idents, spoken to some of the UK Gospel artists that were exciting me at the time, and they were gracious enough to do ‘drops’ for me.

It showcased what the station could sound like: music, talk shows, comedy and a bit of a street vibe. I put A LOT of work into it, recorded, mixed and completed it.


And then – like many of the ideas I have – I just shelved it.

Why? For no reason other than the fact than I have more project ideas that I have the capacity to complete.

I’m listening to it now, dreaming of what could have been, and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I’m sad, but I won’t end this on a sombre note.

Thank you to everyone that contributed. Many have gone on to do other things outside of Gospel, many aren’t recording any more, and some are still going.

This isn’t the end..?

I’ll celebrate what I did back then, what we had back then, and put this out now. Who knows, maybe this isn’t the end.

I’m trying to remember everyone, but I KNOW I’m going to miss a few people out (let me know in the comments if you spot any, and I’ll add them in an edit).

Thank you Bazil, Isaiah-Raymond, Janine, Gillian, Chris Gordon, Lisa, Dave, Leslie Ayoola, Shabazz, Chenoa, Byron, Spanna, Dee Moore, Nadine, ‘Kenz’, Jahaziel, Nu Starr, Simone, Nicholle, Ernest, AdLiberty, Judah, Em Cee, AFG Nexus, James ‘El Nino’ Freeman, Daniel Juba, Charles Deji Juba, Adetola TJ Juba, Vidal V-legend Juba, the AFG Nexus squad (including, but not limited to Daniel Serene, G Wood and Obed Elena), Dr-Watchman Williams, Neresa Maye, Sammy Blanks, Anwar S. (I think you did the T.Dot hook-up), Nathan Prime, Natalie Pearl, Stephen George, Witness Dis

‘90% Urban, 100% UK, Totally Gospel’