Random: Videos I Like (4)

Here’s a question that’s probably going to split us down the middle:

What’s better: firebrand gospel preaching (that works well in church but few other places), or just doing good works that inspires all that come in contact with you…?

And yes, it’s a loaded question. Watch this video (if you’re reading this on my Facebook profile click the picture to see the video on YouTube):

Royal Priesthood have been championing Platform2 (get to know) for a while now.

It’s a Government-funded project seeking to encourage 14 – 25 year olds to volunteer on projects overseas, living and working in a country affected by poverty, and then doing something positive to help their own communities on return to the UK.

The only thing you need is a passport.  Everything else is taken care of by the Government.

This video is from their appearance on Tim Westwood’s Hip-hop show on BBC 1Xtra (my favourite line: ‘more guns on the streets, someone’s got to be lying – can’t be the Government’s fault all of the time’…).

Seeing as I haven’t spoken to Smooflow for a few weeks I’m not sure how many in the community have actually responded to the call.   In the meantime these guys are walking the lonely walk that pioneers sometimes have to in order to do what is necessary to do.

So what are you thinking: do we need more prayer conferences, more scripture quoting with little action outside our own sweet little circle(s), or more Christians making it happen on road…?


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