I love music documentaries.  I love their whole behind-the-scenes, expository vibe.

And it’s no big secret that I’m a huge fan of the UK Gospel scene too.   Plus: I’ve especially got a lot of time for Rachel Kerr and her husband, Ayo. 

Doing what they do in an industry like ours with its restrictive boxes, impossible expectations and unrealistic comparisons requires broad shoulders, tightrope navigation, thick skin and singular focus.


So I was rather chuffed when I found these elements converged in the pilot of their new reality series: Music, Business and Marriage.

According to Ayo’s message via WhatsApp: ‘it’s meant to be insightful, inspirational and a little bit funny. Would love to get feedback’.

Well, I started watching on my phone, standing outside the station waiting for my wife to pick me up for the short ride home.

A New Favourite

I’m now sat at home, fully dressed and still watching.

It’s possible I’ve just found another fave music documentary series…

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