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Legacy Series: Tryumf – Fast Facts

The ‘Legacy’ series is part of the content migration programme from earlier versions of, ensuring the history and evolution of the UK Gospel music scene is publicly accessible Original publication date: 05 May 2005 Written and edited by: Yinka Awojobi The ‘Fast Fact’ series was a workstream I used to introduce artists I saw doing exciting things on the UK Gospel scene back in … Continue reading Legacy Series: Tryumf – Fast Facts

New Free Tryumf Single Ahead of Landmark Debut Concert

It’s kind of surprising to think that Dwayne Shorter (better known to the world as Tryumf) puts on only his very first headlining concert on November 18th 2011. His influence on the UK gospel Hip-hop scene in recent years certainly can’t be overstated, and he’s also without doubt one of the scene’s most respected international ambassadors. The buildup to what promises to be an incredible … Continue reading New Free Tryumf Single Ahead of Landmark Debut Concert

Music update – ‘The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist’

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – March 2011

2011: third month in, and things have been off to a cracking start right here in the UK.

I can barely keep up with the pace of new music announcements.  Under many other circumstances, that could be a bad thing.   In this case, it’s the rather delicious, delightful opposite.

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On With the Music

Anyway, main reason for writing this:  I’m putting – in one place – some of the serious musical stuff that you need to be checking out.  I’ll be updating this post a lot so check back often.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in  Continue reading “Music update – ‘The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist’”

Brits in US 2011 Dove Nomination

Brits in with 4 nominations in the 2011 Dove Awards Congratulations to London-based Zoe Records whose excellent ‘various artists’ compilation project, ‘The British are Coming’  (you might know it by its UK name ‘Supported by the Master’). The double CD is in first-round nominations in four categories for the 2011 Dove Awards, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, this year: ‘Best Special Event CD’, ‘Best Recorded Urban Song of the … Continue reading Brits in US 2011 Dove Nomination

How To: Stream Music – Legally

we7 logoSpotify logo

I wrote this well over a year ago, and never got round to publishing it.

Well, better late than never. 🙂

You should already be familiar with the information here (it IS a year old, after all), but I’m running it just in case.

This blog actually follows on from Henry Yanney’s blog  post about getting radio for your week.


Back then I thought I’d point you in the direction of music sites that will make your time on the web infinitely more enjoyable: the superb services delivered by Spotify and we7.

Benefit to the independent artist

Both these services share revenue with labels and aggregators (good news for independent artists as they can get in on the act too. Example: Guvna B and LZ7 on we7, Victizzle on we7, and Jay Ess on we7).

That means the service can legally stream the music for ‘free’, in the hope that they can make their money back, potentially through advertising.

Business insiders suggest advertising revenue alone cannot sustain the business model for long, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

Getting the music you want – in high quality Continue reading “How To: Stream Music – Legally”

Tryumf selected to participate in Windows 7 promotion

Music by Dwayne Tryumf has been selected to participate in a Windows 7 music promotion called ‘Playlist 7’ His song ‘Proverbs 31 Woman’ will be one of 50 songs in the Playlist 7 Song Pool. It will be available for download for one week starting on Monday 15th February 2010 to 5:00pm (GMT) on the 22nd February on the official Playlist 7 website [update: promotion … Continue reading Tryumf selected to participate in Windows 7 promotion

News: Tryumf scores a number 1 pre-order

Tryumf Announces Big New Track from forthcoming ‘777’ Album Dwayne Tryumf has responded to the ever-growing demand for the full release of his massively anticipated second album, 777 (The Mark of the Peace), with new single in the New Year. To anyone it the know this won’t come as a surprise.  It was always inevitable. New release, and two great guest artists Given the phenomenal … Continue reading News: Tryumf scores a number 1 pre-order