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#UKGospelLegacy – ZionNoiz – & What

Going back 13 years for this one… Zion Noiz – ‘& What’ (Org Mix) (Featuring Royal Priesthood, Asah Shabazz (video director), Jahaziel, Bold, GreenJade, Dwyane Tryumf, Wariyah and more…) (…See how many UK Gospel Hip-Hop veterans you can spot) Continue reading #UKGospelLegacy – ZionNoiz – & What

3 Music Videos to Check Out Right Now (5 March 2016)

The weekend beginning 4th March 2016 has been good for new visuals.

Music videos out from the UK Gospel scene this weekend are sufficiently varied to sustain even the most abstracts of tastes: Contemporary African Praise & Worship, RnB/Soul and Hip-Hop from a 5 year old (yes, you read that right).

Continue reading “3 Music Videos to Check Out Right Now (5 March 2016)”

Roucheon – Never Gone (video)

This is the second Royal Priesthood video I’m posting in as many hours. Smooflow’s got the mellow RnB/Hip-Hop flavoured groove down to a fine art, and – as per usual – Roucheon finds interesting ways to deliver a soulful melody. If you’re a Royal Priesthood fan you’re gonna love it, and if you aren’t, this is a great introdution to the group. Continue reading Roucheon – Never Gone (video)