MOBO Announces 2017 Gospel Category Nominations

MOBO Awards announces the 2017 Gospel category Earlier today the MOBO Awards Gospel artist nominees were shared with the world via a Premier Gospel radio exclusive broadcast. Nominations Volney Morgan & New Ye: Facebook | Twitter Lurine Cato: Facebook | Twitter S.O.: Facebook | Twitter Mali Music: Facebook | Twitter Triple O: Facebook | Twitter Explore More MOBO Gospel 2016 – The year MOBO ‘Got it … Continue reading MOBO Announces 2017 Gospel Category Nominations

Fave new video series: Rachel Kerr and her husband on Music, Business and Marriage

I love music documentaries.  I love their whole behind-the-scenes, expository vibe. And it’s no big secret that I’m a huge fan of the UK Gospel scene too.   Plus: I’ve especially got a lot of time for Rachel Kerr and her husband, Ayo.  Doing what they do in an industry like ours with its restrictive boxes, impossible expectations and unrealistic comparisons requires broad shoulders, tightrope navigation, … Continue reading Fave new video series: Rachel Kerr and her husband on Music, Business and Marriage

Sarah Teibo: It’s a Man’s World?


You know what they say: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you hang around the UK Gospel music scene long enough, you’ll get to see that – as with pretty much every other industry – things go in cycles.

In other words: we have our ups and downs. We experience times that (if I can get biblical for a second) the people lament the lack of good quality music, especially in view of the tremendous talent pool we have to draw from.

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[Free Download] – Dwayne – ‘Sun Is Shining’

The Writeway Music camp campaign to keep the good music coming continues… Dwayne (he used to go by the name ‘Rhema’) is one-fourth of Writeway Music (along with Tunday, Presha J and Leke), and this free track is ‘Sun is Shining’ – with his lyrics over the Netsky Drumstep Remix of Rusko’s song of the same name… Listen and download below: EXPLORE MORE Follow Dwayne on Twitter Writeway Music … Continue reading [Free Download] – Dwayne – ‘Sun Is Shining’

[Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up

New Guvna B Single Challenges Judgemental Apathy You’ve probably seen it in action.  I’ve certainly had to stop myself doing it: someone starts off as a hugely passionate Christian. And then they’re not as passionate. Then they might even completely disappear off the radar… So what to do? Write them off, get on my rather high spiritual horse? Or show a little compassion and concern? Guvna B … Continue reading [Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up

Four Kornerz return with ‘Dynamite’

Fresh off the back of a surprise but nevertheless deserved MOBO 2011  nomination, Four Kornerz return to the scene with yet another solid track, ‘Dynamite’.

Produced by in-house producer SCSI (pronounced ‘Scuzzi’), ‘Dynamite’ boasts the new signature Four Kornerz Electro/Pop sound – fans would have already spotted the new musical direction from their previous release ‘Superstar’.

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