Podcast 9 – What We Can’t Talk About in Church!

Still in the locked room… More opinion, comment, mental sparring and controversy skirting.

UKGospel Podcast 9 picture

Originally part of Podcast 8, this 11-minute extract has the team and guests wrestling with the the tricky issue of the things we can – and can’t – talk about in church…

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The Dave P Interview – 28 Years in UK Gospel

So, I didn’t really realise the importance of this interview until I started the final prep for it this week… After all, it’s only Dave.   I’ve been listening to the guy on radio for near enough 20 years. For the first 5 or so years of that I was – like many people – a distant fan, listening to his popular radio shows with … Continue reading The Dave P Interview – 28 Years in UK Gospel

Radio: BBC 2’s ‘Sunday Hour’ resumes with more ‘Gospel’

BBC Radio 2’s ‘Sunday Hour’ resumes with more ‘Gospel’  On BBC Radio 2’s ‘The Sunday Hour’ Diane Louise Jordan plays spiritually uplifting and inspiring music through hymns, Gospel and choral classics. Each week the programme celebrates different aspects of the Christian faith through words, prayers as well as requests and dedications. The sixty minute format comprises many of the traditions of Radio 2’s long running … Continue reading Radio: BBC 2’s ‘Sunday Hour’ resumes with more ‘Gospel’

Miss Kerr, the MOBOs and Migrating from UK Gospel…

I’m happy to admit I found 2012’s MOBO Gospel category difficult to call.

The one thing MOBO Awards is pretty much guaranteed to do with Gospel every year is generate consternation and anger (even outrage) among those who feel they have their finger sitting much more firmly on the industry’s pulse than the folks at MOBO HQ.

Get it Wrong

And – almost inevitably – it would seem MOBO ‘get it wrong’ every year.

Still, as an observer myself I’m always interested to see how people with no direct connection to our industry understand and interpret it. There’s much benefit in seeing things from an outsiders’ perspective.

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Top 5 Tips – Getting Your Music Played on Radio

Here’s a quick update from the ‘Top 5 Tips’ Series: If you’ve ever wanted to know how to go about getting your music playlisted on a radio station, this might help. Good Music The first thing to bear in mind is that most presenter/DJs/stations are happy to support good music. While the definition of ‘good’ will no doubt be highly subjective, bear in mind that … Continue reading Top 5 Tips – Getting Your Music Played on Radio

Why I Can’t (and Sometimes Won’t) Play Your Music On The Radio Part 2 – Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks (right), along with older brother Adam are two of the reasons why I’m looking to retire from publishing very soon 🙂

Through their excellent work on the mBrio Music website and other Brooks Brothers Ventures projects, they’re fast becoming an authoritative news and media voice not just here in the UK but increasingly in the transatlantic Christian music scene, an excellent state of affairs in an industry like ours sadly prone to (usually under-deserved) hyperbole.

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How Not to Promote on Facebook

How Not to Promote on Facebook… 

This is quite a short post.

I get this on a fairly frequent basis, so I thought I’d point out a few things:

1.  Always introduce yourself: this was the very first time I’d heard of this person.


2. ‘Er.. Why would I be excited about your release…?‘ In light of 1 above, why they thought I’d actually start counting down is beyond me…

3. ‘Er… Okay.  If you say so…‘. This project might actually be this person’s best work to date, but I’d recommend someone else provide your endorsement.

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The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – March 2012

Happy New Year!  First ‘Essential’ post of 2012.  Sorry it took so long.

The short version: through the ‘Essential UK Gospel Tracklist’ series I’ll point you in the direction of UK gospel tracks I think are worth further exploration.  Read the full background here.

In the meantime, the music for 2012 is looking rather good.  Here – in no particular order – are a few you definitely need to check out.

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Why Your Media Contact Doesn’t Respond To Your Tweets

I start with a disclaimer: the title is somewhat disingenuous, as this is less about what every media person thinks, and more about me just venting about my pet Twitter peeves.

Now that you know the truth, feel free to close the browser down.

For everyone else, here’s how the story goes:

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Utter Once Announces ‘Who’s Dat’ Remixtape

Even if the name is unfamiliar, you’ll undoubtedly know the voice and the songs he appeared on.

And yes, it’s the same Utter Once from the Gospel MOBO award-winning group ‘G-Force‘.

Collaboration King

If anyone genuinely deserves the handle ‘collaboration king’, it’ll be him.  He’s guested on some of the biggest tunes the UK gospel scene has had to offer in recent years: Victizzle‘s ‘iSing‘, Faith Child‘s ‘First Place‘ and Lola Godheld‘s ‘Studio‘, not to mention a seemingly endless array UK tracks floating around the underground. Continue reading “Utter Once Announces ‘Who’s Dat’ Remixtape”