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Legacy Series: Mr Damention – Blue Hearts and Golden Treasures

This series is part of the content migration programme from earlier versions of, ensuring the history and evolution of the UK Gospel music scene is recorded and publicly accessible Original publication date: 2 March 2015 Written and edited by: Yinka Awojobi New Release from Singer/Songwriter/Drummer/Producer is an Excellent Departure from the Gospel Norm….  Back in one of the early Podcast episodes the team … Continue reading Legacy Series: Mr Damention – Blue Hearts and Golden Treasures

Top UK Gospel Sunshine Tunes to Warm Your Winter (Part 1)

So: it’s that time of the year again…

3-4 layers of insulated clothing is the norm (my default is 4).  The dark days are longer, and my wearing a hoodie to bed isn’t a strange sight to my family.

The warm orange glow around the country (not to mention the heady, feel-good summer vibe of the Olympics) is a distant, taunting memory as we go about cold life in winter-grey UK.


2011 had already threatened what has now become known as the ‘Afrobeats’ movement, but 2012 was when the music actually broke into the mainstream.  Inevitably, a lot of that is represented here.

For one last time before 2012 is over, break out your (real or imagined) sunglasses, winter barbecue, ice cream and sunscreen and enjoy some of the best UK Gospel Tropical tunes to bring the heat back into your life…

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Karl Nova announces ‘More Than Just Music’

Let’s get the most obvious bits out of the way: there’s no hiding the fact that ‘more than music’ is one of those phrases that’s so overused it’s well beyond being a grey old cliché… Having said that, I feel Karl Nova is probably one of the few people who actually takes the phrase seriously enough to have it fully drive his entire raison d’être … Continue reading Karl Nova announces ‘More Than Just Music’

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – April 2011

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – April 2011

2011: April. The good music keeps coming.

Last updated: 21st April 2011

Month four already, and if the response to this new series of ‘Essential UK Gospel’ blog posts is anything to go by, then it looks like we’re all on to a good thing.

If you missed the first one, here’s March 2011’s Essential UK Gospel Tracklist’.

Meantime, let’s get straight into it.  As usual, I’ll be updating this throughout April, and the tracks are presented in no particular order.  Continue reading “The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – April 2011”

How To: Stream Music – Legally

we7 logoSpotify logo

I wrote this well over a year ago, and never got round to publishing it.

Well, better late than never. 🙂

You should already be familiar with the information here (it IS a year old, after all), but I’m running it just in case.

This blog actually follows on from Henry Yanney’s blog  post about getting radio for your week.


Back then I thought I’d point you in the direction of music sites that will make your time on the web infinitely more enjoyable: the superb services delivered by Spotify and we7.

Benefit to the independent artist

Both these services share revenue with labels and aggregators (good news for independent artists as they can get in on the act too. Example: Guvna B and LZ7 on we7, Victizzle on we7, and Jay Ess on we7).

That means the service can legally stream the music for ‘free’, in the hope that they can make their money back, potentially through advertising.

Business insiders suggest advertising revenue alone cannot sustain the business model for long, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

Getting the music you want – in high quality Continue reading “How To: Stream Music – Legally”