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4 Retro UK Gospel Vibes to Mellow You Out (Part 2)

Sometimes kicking back is absolutely the right thing to do… It might be just a tad too cold outside (don’t worry, summer’s on its way) or – in case you’re one of those really weird people that prefers the cold weather – I’ve got you covered (see what I did there..?) Whatever your story is, here are four classic UK Gospel tunes to mellow you … Continue reading 4 Retro UK Gospel Vibes to Mellow You Out (Part 2)

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Legacy Series: Tryumf – Fast Facts

The ‘Legacy’ series is part of the content migration programme from earlier versions of, ensuring the history and evolution of the UK Gospel music scene is publicly accessible Original publication date: 05 May 2005 Written and edited by: Yinka Awojobi The ‘Fast Fact’ series was a workstream I used to introduce artists I saw doing exciting things on the UK Gospel scene back in … Continue reading Legacy Series: Tryumf – Fast Facts

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

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I won’t lie.  I could blame a whole host of things for not posting an ‘Essential Tracklist’ in a while, but the truth is that I haven’t found much to excite me in 2013.

Some good stuff has come out this year but nothing grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, demanded my attention, forced me to drop everything I’m doing and get excited about UK Gospel music again.

Until now.

If I subscribed to conspiracy theories, my take would be that a whole bunch of UK artists decided to leave a whole lot of us UK gospel music fans waiting until the final third of the year before bringing it.

…And bring it they have.  Even more exciting is the fact that – in addition to the (pretty much inevitable) stream of Street music that continues to bring a spark to the scene, there’s some intensely delicious Soul, RnB and Singer/Songwriter stuff surfacing.

Anyway here is, in no particular order, some of the music that’s getting me majorly excited at the moment Continue reading “The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013”

[Free Download] ‘Riddim Culture Presents Ram 1’

As a subgenre UK Gospel Reggae has never really got the props it truly deserves. It has as many (arguably more) players active on the international scene as the more high-profile Hip-Hop and ‘traditional’ gospel artists.  But – like much of the wider contemporary Gospel music scene – it’s consistently under the shadow of its mainstream equivalent. Still, the Reggae Gospel lot are a hardy breed, … Continue reading [Free Download] ‘Riddim Culture Presents Ram 1’

New E Tizz album ‘What I Gotta Say’ – out February 7th on iTunes

If some of the music I’m hearing (both new and imminent releases) is anything to go by, then it’s pretty safe to say 2012 has already kicked into high gear! E Tizz’s ‘What I Gotta Say’ is an absolutely sterling example. The bar is set quite high with this one: ‘the Doctor’, Grammy-nominated GP of DVine Muzic Productions is again at the helm of affairs, and the overall … Continue reading New E Tizz album ‘What I Gotta Say’ – out February 7th on iTunes

Preacher Boy Entertainment signs ‘Tru2DaName’

Preacher Boy Entertainment recently announced their latest signing, Tru2DaName.

Preacher Boy is already home to some of London (and the UK’s) strongest selection of Street music talent.  The  management roster currently includes artists like Jahaziel, S.O., E Tizz, New Direction Crew, G.P. and DJ Leah Logan.

Continue reading “Preacher Boy Entertainment signs ‘Tru2DaName’”

Want some *awesome* UK Gospel Music..? Start here!

The recent holiday season was amazing.

If you were shrewd enough in your planning, you might even have been one of those people with an 11-day holiday stretch.  I’m not jealous.

No, really…  I’m not.

Over the same period we’ve been plied with some great new music, so I’ve been a very happy bunny.

Here’s a quick round-up of the music you definitely need in your life.  If you went away you certainly missed the release of an amazing selection of strong music.

There’s still time to get them, though: Continue reading “Want some *awesome* UK Gospel Music..? Start here!”

Official music leak: Jahaziel is ‘Broken’

If you have even the flimsiest of connections to the UK gospel scene then you probably know that ‘Still Livin”, Jahaziel’s new mixtape, is due out next week.

In the meantime, there had been rumours of an official pre-release ‘leak’ from his camp recently, and the rumours finally became fact overnight when I woke up to ‘Broken’ (featuring Roccstar) in my inbox this morning. Continue reading “Official music leak: Jahaziel is ‘Broken’”

Hip Hop artists release track to highlight persecution

Open Doors, a charity serving persecuted Christians worldwide joined forces with Preacher Boy Missions to produce a music single. The track features award winning and highly talented Christian Hip Hop artists who have come together to raise awareness of Christians who suffer for their faith. ‘Coming for Me’, due for release on Tuesday 16th November features Jahaziel, Guvna B, New Direction Crew, E Tizz, McGladius from 29th Chapter, Armor … Continue reading Hip Hop artists release track to highlight persecution