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Great ‘Mainstream’ Songs from Christian Artists

The debate around whether Christian artists should create exclusively evangelical (or at least overtly Christian) content is unlikely to be resolved this side of heaven.

In the meantime I thought it’ll be interesting to launch this new series examining what actually happens when people who profess the Christian faith actually record music that – to coin a phrase – doesn’t ‘have Jesus in every line…’

No Answers

I don’t claim to have any answers – if anything I find I’ve ended up with more questions as I ponder this issue.

But one thought I keep returning to is this:

If we Christians were a bit more accommodating of our creatives who – by the very nature of what they do – bare more of their thoughts and souls than the rest of us are naturally inclined to, then perhaps many of them won’t opt to ‘go secular’.

If we’re being honest it’s fair to say we’re constantly pushing (perhaps the word should be ‘stifling’) our artists by being tacitly prescriptive and cornering them into a ‘either/or’ choice regarding the flavour of their art.

Quite often – arguably more often than we’d probably care to admit – life is grey.

Surely it makes more sense to let the gifted use their gift to articulate this experience…?

Just a thought.

Anyway: on with the series.

This time: Samm Henshaw, Jake Isaac and Happi

Samm Henshaw

From Samm’s wikipedia page:

Samm essentially found his love for music and learned to play instruments in his church pastored by his father, where he developed his abilities further.

Alongside gospel artists Helen Baylor, Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton and Alvin Slaughter, Henshaw is said to have spent his childhood devouring mainstream pop music, from Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to Usher and N*Sync.

Henshaw pinpoints his biggest vocal inspirations as D’Angelo, Paolo Nutini, Lauryn Hill as well finding songwriting inspiration in Grammy award winner Frank Ocean.

Showcase: ‘These Hands’

Samm Henshaw Spotify profile


From Happi’s website:

Happi is one of the new and vibrant talents emerging out of the UK scene.

Hailing from the heart of North London, Happi has successfully merged his afro/urban background, trendy pop sounds and a positive message to create his own musical identity.

Showcase:The Introduction

Happi Spotify Profile

Jake Isaac

From Jake’s Facebook ‘About’ page

Born and raised in south London, UK, Jake began playing drums at the age of 3 and during his school years taught himself to play piano and bass guitar.

By the age of 16 he had completed his grade 8 drums at Trinity College London, and had begun teaching the instrument.

At 19, whilst studying marketing at university, Jake had begun to make a living as a part-time session musician playing drums and bass on various jazz and rock records for a variety of international artists, including the Grammy-award winning Duffy.

Marketing manager by day, songwriter and session musician by night, Jake began working with artists such as Cynthia Erivo, Gabrielle, and boy band Blue.

Showcase: ‘Carry You Home ft J.P. Cooper’

Jake Isaac Spotify profile

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Grenfell Tower Fire: UK Gospel artists convert pain to action

The pain – for many, many of us – is still severely raw.

Grenfell TowerDeeply uncomfortable questions are being asked of individuals and corporations, and even more so of local and national government.

It all feeds into a tide of emotion that even now, several days later, remains highly volatile.

Conspiracy theories and barely-checked rage fuel what many feel was a completely avoidable loss of so many lives at the Grenfell Tower fire of 14th June 2017.

Time for Action

But: there’s a time for questions, and then there’s time for action.

While the as-yet-unnamed Simon Cowell-led charity single is likely to be the focus of the musical headlines, it’s good to see the Gospel music community already in action too.

Heart of the Community

This just in (Tuesday, 20 June 2017, 18:12)
Day of Prayer called for Wednesday 21 June 2017

London City Mission Day of Prayer

London City Mission and The Message Trust are responding to this from the point of view of not just the Grenfell Tower fire, but also the earlier London Bridge and now, yesterday’s Finsbury Park attack.

They are calling for prayer and fasting for London and our nation, tomorrow, Wednesday 21st June.

It takes place at

Kensington Temple
Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill
London W11 3BY

It runs from 12 noon – 9pm

More information on the London City Mission website (details also below)

Pass Da Mic

Anthony King (you may know him as the popular compere Pass Da Mic) has been tirelessly working Facebook over the past few days.

That effort eventually ended up (a few minutes ago as I type this) in a benefit concert taking place on 25th June 2017, in the heart of the affected community at the Tabernacle Christian Centre, at 210 Latimer Road

His is just one of several pockets of activity by many Christian creatives who are looking to do more than just talk but positively and proactively help those affected by the fire.


Around the same time Happi also reached out to his musician friends and partnered with clothing company Chxrch Gang.

They’ve lined up another benefit concert, billed as ‘Love Over Everything’, confirmed for Camden Assembly on 2nd July.

Love Over Everything

Love Over Everything poster

Simon Parry – Remember

More musical tributes are starting to surface.  Simon Parry’s ‘Remember’ was actually written for an upcoming ‘All Star Kids Club‘ music project called ‘Home’, a special album for kids and families living with and going through grief.  It’s due out this summer.

He said:

‘Seeing the heartbreaking news of the Grenfell Tower, I wanted to release this song as a single to be a small comfort and hope for those who have lost so much.

The song reminds us to never forget precious times spent with loved ones. From big events to the small things like ‘frosty school days’ and ‘ favourite songs’ – they are all part of life’s precious moments that we should cherish and to hold onto the knowing that our loved ones are safe in God’s hands in heaven.

All Star Kids Club & Simon Parry: ‘Remember’

Artists For Grenfell

Artists For Grenfell, the Simon Cowell initiative was finally released this at midnight today and topped the iTunes chart within 2 hours of release.

A wide range of artists including Stormzy, James Blunt, Rita Ora and London Community Gospel Choir all feature on the single

This page will be updated with links to more events if and when they are announced.

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