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Legacy Series: Tryumf – Fast Facts

The ‘Legacy’ series is part of the content migration programme from earlier versions of UKGospel.com, ensuring the history and evolution of the UK Gospel music scene is publicly accessible

  • Original publication date: 05 May 2005
  • Written and edited by: Yinka Awojobi

The ‘Fast Fact’ series was a workstream I used to introduce artists I saw doing exciting things on the UK Gospel scene back in the day.

It also quietly signalled that the artists were worth keeping an eye on, and in almost every case they went on to be featured several more times as their career progressed.

UKGospel.com Fast Facts presents: Tryumf

Chances are you’ve heard a track that Dwayne ‘Tryumf’ Shorter has either produced, remixed or engineered as himself or as one-half of the production/remix outfit ‘Brimstone and Fire‘.

Prodigal Son‘s ‘Things People Do For Money‘ remix, Wariyah‘s classic Hip-hop/Soul evangelistic joint ‘Heart of an Intercessor‘, Zion Noiz‘s huge debut single ‘& WHAT‘, various tracks by Greenjade, ‘Favour‘ by Dwayne Lanks, music for Jahaziel and many more.

2005 will most definitely see the release of his debut album, and we’ve been very privileged to hear a lot of work-in-progress cuts. 

A piece of advice: GET THAT ALBUM AT ALL COSTS!!!  Just in case you’re still wondering why: remember the Incense Rhythm?  It sold 3000 copies for label Jet Star in its first three months of release.

…Yes, it WAS his track! 

UKG Spin! BioChannel*, (the interview channel of our online radio station), has a 35 minute interview, complete with a few tracks from his production and engineering past, as well as music from his forthcoming album.  

But – just ahead of the station launch – Fast Facts brings you just that: a quick introduction to one of UK Gospel’s hot production, songwriting, engineering and vocal talents…


There’s no need to spend a lot of time talking about your background and history as quite a bit of it has been covered on the UKG Spin! BioChannel*, but seeing as the interview isn’t live yet, let’s just go through some of the basics:

Name: Dwayne Shorter
Better known as: Tryumf
You’re a: Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Business Entrepreneur

How did you get into the Hip-hop game?
The first record that got me into Hip-hop was ‘The Show’ by Doug E Fresh and Slick rick. On the B side was ‘Lah-Di-Dah-Di’.  That was my favourite out of the two tracks.

And how did you become a Christian…?
I saw something on TV in August 1999 about the book of Revelation. I was so intrigued by this short film that it made me want to read the book of Revelation. 

As I started reading I got hooked into the words, it was like I could not stop reading.

I then went on to see books in the bible I had never heard of like 1st Peter, 1st Thessalonians, and they were all talking about the last days and that this world as we know it would one day be destroyed, and thus began my quest to know Christ…

Your production work has been strong on the underground and very influential in recent years, particularly through the mid 90s to date.

The first I heard of your work was on what I consider to be one of the most slept-on UK Gospel Hip-Hop releases, Wariyah’s EP, ‘Stand Up And Be Counted

More recently, you’ve done work with key UK Gospel Hip-Hop players from Zion Noiz to Prodigal Son.  What’s that been like…?

ZI is my family!   We all share a common goal, so being in ZI is a privilege as all the members have developed in the character of Christ, and to add to that we all got MAAAAD SKILLZ so we are a force to be reckoned with. 

When I did the remix for Prodigal Son, the timing was just right.

I had a lot to express and the lyrics on that track was similar to a situation that I was going through at the time. 

Working with the man himself was a privilege, and when I went up to Nottingham Prodigal and the family looked after me well, so BIG UP Prodigal Son!!

And then you were contracted to the label Jet Star as a producer…
It was a good time for me to learn more about the music industry and also set up my own studio and company Tryumf Productions.

We have to talk about the ‘Incense Rhythm’…
Boy, I was going through hell on earth at the time the idea came to me.

I had so many fears and issues between me and God that I thought it was all over for me, even as a Christian! 

But that was the time the Incense Rhythm was birthed. I remember going into the studio feeling like I could do nothing in my own strength.

Sometimes when a big tune comes to me it’s like I know where every instrument should go.

Why did you mix secular artists with Gospel artists on the album…?
I wanted to bring the Gospel punch to the secular community.  So many times we put God in a box, but I have found that when I would put God in a box He would jump right out of it. 

The devil has put a separation between the believers and the unbelievers, so I wanted to bring the truth to the unbelievers.

To do this I put some well-known secular artists on the album and only by God’s grace the vision of the album was accomplished.

Now secular DJ’s across England are playing the gospel cuts on their shows and the truth is reaching the ghettos, night clubs and beyond.

How did you decide what artists to put on the album?
I didn’t just pick the first artist that came along. There were about 6 other versions recorded that did not make the album, some of which I regret even recording… But God is good! 

On one side I listened to what my heart was saying and on the other side some artists were sent to me and I watched God put the album together.

I learned that ‘God is in control’ in the midst of chaos and confusion.

What problems did you encounter when making the album?
Boy… I had plenty of opposition. I was told the album would not be released, I was told my records could not sell.  

When they told me that a word rose up out of my spirit and I said ‘The stone that the builders rejected shall become the Chief Cornerstone’ (at the time of this interview the Incense Rhythm album was at number 1 in the Jet Star sales charts!)

I was told that I had over mixed the album and lost the flavour.I nearly got into a fight while recording ‘That Feelin’ Again‘.  Pac Deep lost his voice while we were recording ‘School Holiday‘. 

When I finally finished the album I was told that they did not have a good enough response from the DJ’s so they were not sure if they would release the album.

In all this I knew that God would take care of it. He told me not to pressure the company to release the album as He was IN CONTROL!! 

What has happened since?
About 7 of the tracks from the album have gone on other separate albums, the Incense Rhythm is getting acclaim in various parts of the world from Philadelphia to Toronto to the Caribbean.

On just its second week of release the album went to number 1 in the Jet Star sales charts and sold 3000 copies in the space of 3 months between August and October 2004. 

What’s your take on the Gospel scene at the moment?
I’m liking what’s coming out of the States at the moment.  I heard a mix CD from DJ Official of Cross Movement and they’ve got some HOT MC’s on the Hip-Hop side. 

On the RnB side they are still the reigning champions. 

The US market is just getting hotter and hotter with artists like Tonex, Kierra Sheard, Shei Atkins among others but on the UK side we are starting to give them a run for their money with groups like Raymond & Co, Siani, Four Kornerz and The Company.

What do you reckon is the most exciting project that you’re involved in pushing at the moment?

My album; it’s where I truly get to express where I want to go musically without having to change what’s in my heart. I’m taking you right ‘Back to Eden’

What else is coming out of the Tryumf beat kitchen…?

Look out for the Four Kornerz tracks, one is a Brimstone & Fire production and the other is a Tryumf production and they are both blazing!!

And finally – what more can we expect from you in 2005…?

Brimstone & Fire will drop a single, Tryumf will drop an album and will be looking to sign HOT new producers to my production company (there’s one I’ve got my eye on at the moment so watch this space!!!)

  • Notes
  • *UKGSpin! was an experimental audio project (think of it as UKGospel.com’s in-house radio station), that I never really launched
  • It was supposed to have themed channels, dedicated to specific genres
  • As you can probably guess, the BioChannel was the Biography channel, dedicated to profile interviews in a format that we would now consider podcasts
  • You can listen to the UKGSpin! promo here


Great ‘Mainstream’ Songs from Christian Artists (Part 2)

This is the second in a series that looks at UK Gospel artists’ foray in to the world of ‘mainstream’ music.

You know the one: songs that don’t necessarily fall into the ‘evangelical’ bracket (and you know there’s still a long-running debate about that).

Be that as it may, I thought it’ll be interesting to see what happens when people who profess the Christian faith put out music that’s not overtly ‘Christian’.

Here are another 3 artists to check out:

Joshua Luke Smith

From his Spotify profile:

Joshua Luke Smith is a wordsmith packed with ammo. As a poet, rapper, and producer he creates from the mandate to ‘Speak Into The Chaos’

Joshua has a unique perspective on the world from both education and experience. After being Born in London, and raised in Pakistan, he ultimately settled in Bath, UK near where he graduated from Bath Spa University.

His childhood of consuming Nas, The Roots and Fugees meshes with current sounds of Stormzy and Bon Iver to inform the songs coming out of the studio in Joshua’s attic.

He’s been lauded in Complex and featured on BBC Radio 1. Spring 2018 will include his TED Talk being released, a US and EU tour and his first US label release on Residence Music

Showcase: Heart of Man

Joshua Luke Smith Spotify profile

Four Kornerz

From their Facebook page:

Four Brothers. Music like a Gumbo of Funky goodness.

The Music is Alive so Play it Loud wearing a neon halo and Sing like you’re winning! We are Four Kornerz.

Showcase: ‘Superstar’

Four Corners Spotify profile


From his Facebook page:

Midé is a London-based singer/songwriter with a uniquely soulful voice who has a real passion for live music.

Midé has an amazing way of connecting with a listener. There is always a welcome ease about the way he delivers any note, from originals to a cover. You only need to hear him cover “Bob Marley – Is this love” to enjoy all the subtle nuances from Blues to Smooth soul to soft rock.

If you’re a fan of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Emeli Sande, Ed Sheeran or even Bob Dylan; you will absolutely enjoy watching and listening to Midé

Showcase: ‘With You’

Mide’s Spotify Profile

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Throwback Thursday Special CD Sale – Raymond & Co, 4 Kornerz, Sammy G, Faith Child!

The UKGospel shop closed down a few years ago – and ever since then the CDs in the store have been sitting in their storage boxes, wondering what will happen next…

Well, as an experiment to see whether it’s worth re-opening the shop, a few CDs will be added to this page throughout March 2018.  If there are enough sales I might actually consider reactivating the whole thing.

What’s In Store, Then…?

There are quite a few from back in the day from Praise & Worship to Hip-Hop and RnB, but for now I’m only bringing out the classics (it is throwback Thursday after all).  Throughout the month I’ll add a few more to the store and – depending how sales go, continue – or stop again.

The store has the classics:

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Four Kornerz – Soulectric

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  • Second class post
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  • New to nearly new (many are still in their cellophane wrapping, depending on how they were supplied in the first place)

How to Order your CDs

  • Send an email to info at UKGospel dot com and I’ll send you a PayPal request and send the CDs out. Simple!

Live Support

  • Email me at info at UKGospel dot com
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Yinka Awojobi
Content Development

[Exclusive!] First-ever look at stills from Four Kornerz’s new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders’

This looks very interesting…

I’ve just been sent the first-ever, first-look, frame-by-frame sequence of images from Four Kornerz‘s brand new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders

Video still: Four Kornerz  power vocals
Video still: Four Kornerz power vocals

‘Lean on My Shoulders‘ is released very shortly.


Listen to ‘Behind The Beat – The Full Story of ‘Soulectric’

Four Kornerz return with ‘Dynamite’

Fresh off the back of a surprise but nevertheless deserved MOBO 2011  nomination, Four Kornerz return to the scene with yet another solid track, ‘Dynamite’.

Produced by in-house producer SCSI (pronounced ‘Scuzzi’), ‘Dynamite’ boasts the new signature Four Kornerz Electro/Pop sound – fans would have already spotted the new musical direction from their previous release ‘Superstar’.

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The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – June 2011

It’ll be pretty obvious to anyone who cares to look that we’re in the middle of an amazing run of great new music in the UK at the moment

And that’s helped in no small part both by the mixtape culture of giving away free music, and the seemingly dwindling resistance to Christian artists writing songs to mainstream instrumental tracks. Continue reading The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – June 2011

News: Four Kornerz return for 2011

Yes, the rumours are true.

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been teasing for a while about some more information about Four Kornerz coming back with new music.

Well, I can confirm that the sibling group are busy putting final touches to a new project due for release in the summer. There’s talk of 27th April 2011.

The guest list as – with their debut album, ‘Soulectric’ – (get your copy on UKGShop.com) remains eclectic and international, including  talent from the UK and Nigeria with more to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

More when I have it.

Meantime check them out on their Official Facebook Group.

Random: so – gospel in the House…?

DJ Marcia CarrI feel a feature coming on (to go on UKGospel.com, I think…)

Recently made friends with DJ Marcia Carr via Facebook.

She’s a serious figure in the UK music scene, and now solidly into House music DJing (among other things, I’m sure).

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