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Celebrating #UKGospel: Brits Abroad (Part 1)

I knew I was on to a good thing when I launched the ‘Celebrating UKGospel’ series… I get excited when I can come up with different and interesting ways to honour the great work so many people continue to put in across the UK Gospel scene. Most-shared feature It’s also especially rewarding when many other people share that same excitement: the ‘Celebrating the Ladies of … Continue reading Celebrating #UKGospel: Brits Abroad (Part 1)

5 Inspirational UK ‘Gospel’ Tracks You Have to Check Out (Part 2)

You Can Do it

This series celebrates a sometimes contentious area of Christian music: the ‘non-evangelical’ output.

Over the years we’ve sadly lost far too many hugely talented creatives to the wrong side of the unwritten (but oddly pervasive) law that suggests every sphere of Christian creative activity has to have an evangelical aspect to it.

I’m sure you know the one: it postulates all Christian songs need ‘Jesus in every line’.

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