[Exclusive!] First-ever look at stills from Four Kornerz’s new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders’

This looks very interesting… I’ve just been sent the first-ever, first-look, frame-by-frame sequence of images from Four Kornerz‘s brand new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders‘ ‘Lean on My Shoulders‘ is released very shortly. EXPLORE MORE FOUR KORNERZ Four Kornerz – official website Four Kornerz on Facebook Buy ‘Soulectric’ (album) and Gonna Make It (single) at UKGShop.com Read the story – Behind the Beat – The … Continue reading [Exclusive!] First-ever look at stills from Four Kornerz’s new video ‘Lean on My Shoulders’

How I Ended Up Creating an Amazing Music Video – For Free! (ish)

Dancing Man

Ever thought it was impossible to create a music video because you didn’t have much cash…?

This may help…

You may know that in addition to publishing UKGospel.com, I currently present a weekday breakfast radio show on Premier Gospel.  A couple of weekends ago I was looking for ways to create a short video to promote the show.

I’ve done lots of audio promos – that’s standard procedure for radio.  But I wanted to do more video, as the challenges around using video to promote radio are interesting on multiple levels.

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The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013

Man listening to music on headphones

I won’t lie.  I could blame a whole host of things for not posting an ‘Essential Tracklist’ in a while, but the truth is that I haven’t found much to excite me in 2013.

Some good stuff has come out this year but nothing grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, demanded my attention, forced me to drop everything I’m doing and get excited about UK Gospel music again.

Until now.

If I subscribed to conspiracy theories, my take would be that a whole bunch of UK artists decided to leave a whole lot of us UK gospel music fans waiting until the final third of the year before bringing it.

…And bring it they have.  Even more exciting is the fact that – in addition to the (pretty much inevitable) stream of Street music that continues to bring a spark to the scene, there’s some intensely delicious Soul, RnB and Singer/Songwriter stuff surfacing.

Anyway here is, in no particular order, some of the music that’s getting me majorly excited at the moment Continue reading “The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – October 2013”

[Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up

New Guvna B Single Challenges Judgemental Apathy You’ve probably seen it in action.  I’ve certainly had to stop myself doing it: someone starts off as a hugely passionate Christian. And then they’re not as passionate. Then they might even completely disappear off the radar… So what to do? Write them off, get on my rather high spiritual horse? Or show a little compassion and concern? Guvna B … Continue reading [Video and Audio] Guvna B – Sending One Up

Free Download and video: Ram 1 – ‘Babylon’

Free Download and video: Ram 1 – ‘Babylon’ Nottingham-based MOBO 2012 Gospel nominee Ram 1 put this out late last year. ‘Babylon’ is another Edward Holland Junior production so you know the UK Gospel Reggae quality is built-in.  If you haven’t seen or heard it, it’s definitely worth the 3 minutes and 30 seconds of your time – free download too! EXPLORE MORE Ram 1 … Continue reading Free Download and video: Ram 1 – ‘Babylon’

[Video] J.A – ‘2013 Freestyle’

I came across North London-based J.A. completely by accident on the 5th of January 2013 when he tweeted me a link to his track called ‘2013 New Year Freestyle’. As you can probably imagine I get sent quite a few links to check out, and a lot of them tend not to be as exciting as the sender probably thinks they are. For one, a lot of so-called ‘freestyles’ … Continue reading [Video] J.A – ‘2013 Freestyle’

New video: Aaron T Aaron’s ‘Double Double’

Aaron T Aaron adds to the batch of January 1st 2013 releases from the UK gospel music scene with the video to his popular song, ‘Double Double‘, taken off his strong debut album, ‘Awesome God‘ The track was produced by the superb, Lagos, Nigeria-based FLO, with the video directed by London based Uvi Orogun, featuring appearances from new husband-and-wife duo Clif & Marie, as well as Deji from sibling Funk/Pop/Soul … Continue reading New video: Aaron T Aaron’s ‘Double Double’

Free Download – New release from Jay Ess

On Christmas day 2012, Music of Black Origin (MOBO), US Stellar, and Dove-nominated artist, the London-based Jay Ess released his latest project ‘Walking By Faith’. And as with ‘Good Friday’, his previous mixtape, ‘Walking By Faith’ is a free download. The project is based on the concept of self-belief, something of a reflection of the last two years of his life and music career (which recently included … Continue reading Free Download – New release from Jay Ess

Top UK Gospel Sunshine Tunes to Warm Your Winter (Part 1)

So: it’s that time of the year again…

3-4 layers of insulated clothing is the norm (my default is 4).  The dark days are longer, and my wearing a hoodie to bed isn’t a strange sight to my family.

The warm orange glow around the country (not to mention the heady, feel-good summer vibe of the Olympics) is a distant, taunting memory as we go about cold life in winter-grey UK.


2011 had already threatened what has now become known as the ‘Afrobeats’ movement, but 2012 was when the music actually broke into the mainstream.  Inevitably, a lot of that is represented here.

For one last time before 2012 is over, break out your (real or imagined) sunglasses, winter barbecue, ice cream and sunscreen and enjoy some of the best UK Gospel Tropical tunes to bring the heat back into your life…

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