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UKGPresents is UKG Connected

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UKG, Connected…

The other day went down – complete with all the content I have added (or updated) over the past three years (audio, video, documents, news, hard-to-find links and more).

As I type this, it’s still not back up.

Technically that should be a major crisis

Continue reading UKGPresents is UKG Connected 1.5: launch weekend – Pressure’s on… 1.5 Pre-launch Screengrab

This is a view that few people ever get to see.

10th January 2009.

Pic is of the backend/editing area of 1.5 .

It’s Saturday night, and the site is nowhere near finished.  I still want to have it live for Monday, so the pressure’s on… Continue reading 1.5: launch weekend – Pressure’s on…

Working over Christmas? No choice!

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I suppose it was inevitable that my hand  would be forced.

I got an email from Moonfruit that they were upgrading all version 3 sites (the current platform for to version 4 by February 2009.

In the meantime come January 2009, it will not be possible to add new pages to version 3 sites.

I won’t bore you with the details but it means that my Christmas ain’t  gonna be that quiet as I move my UKGospel Version 1.5 schedule.

At the moment I’m working on both the old and new versions of quietly went live on Saturday 13 December 2008.

Technically that’s not quite correct as the site has literally been there (and ready) for almost two years, but Saturday was the first time it was promoted to the public at the launch of the Ground Level project.

More to come.  It’s Christmas eve morning and I have some non-UKG work to do…


Seeya! ‘How many of my CDs have you sold…?’

LightbulbI used to get asked this a lot.

It was one of the reasons why I set up the ‘What’s Selling’ page on

It’s a fair question, but one that probably needs more space than I can give it here.

So, if you’re an artist looking to submit your music and need an idea of how well your CDs can sell, here are some good tips for you: Continue reading ‘How many of my CDs have you sold…?’

UKGPresents: it’s starting to gather pace…

Friday night.  It rained, but spring is in the air…

smileyHaven’t blogged in an absolute age…

Things have been going well (in the main, anyway. Had a scare last week which meant the site wasn’t adding videos properly. Major scare.

Continue reading UKGPresents: it’s starting to gather pace…

UKGPresents: how many features to launch with…?

Originally written 10 February 2007 – 09:06:01

Saturday morning. February. It’s cold. And raining…

How many features to launch UKGPresents with…?


Lots of excellent and tremendously useful features and options, but: do I start with some, or all…?

I suppose I’m gonna have to go easy until I build the UKG Presents team. Seeing as UK version 2, UKG version 2 are also being worked on at the same time as this, I need to go easy…

I think I’ll start with Channels, Submit/Suggest, UKG Hub, Recommended, The People’s Mixtape… (I think!)