#MOBOGospel – Time To Move On..?

I decided to not say much on the MOBOs for 2015.  That was deliberate. To be honest, the UKGospel.com team’s excellent 2014 #MOBOGospel specials had pretty much said much of what was needed, articulating a whole range of issues around the complexities of the UK Gospel scene’s relationship with the country’s biggest Black Music awards platform. In my view a new opinion piece would have … Continue reading #MOBOGospel – Time To Move On..?

A Day in the Life: Selfies and Screenshots

17. Waterloo

It’s one of the questions most frequently asked of me:

‘How Do You Do It..?’

And almost two decades in, I still don’t have a clear answer beyond ‘I just do’.

The Day Job – And Then Some…

cropped-ukg_logo.jpgMy name is Yinka.

About 14 years ago I set up UKGospel.com, dedicated to supporting the amazing job that an incredible amount of people continue to deliver in this vibrant industry.

In addition to UKGospel.com, there’s the UKGospel.com blog (a completely separate entity), as well as the UKGospel social feeds (of which there are a fair few, but I’m most often on the platforms du jour Twitter and/or Facebook).

Like so many people with a highly specialist passion, I do it outside of – but in addition to – the day job.

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When “Christian Artist” Doesn’t Mean “Gospel”

If there is any part of the Christian life that is a dense grey area of debate and contention, it is how Christian artists should respond to the fact that they are Christian and creative. When it comes to the realm of “the gospel” and “music” and “gospel music” in particular, a lot of people have a lot to say about it and I know many young Christian creatives who have been burdened by this expectation. Continue reading When “Christian Artist” Doesn’t Mean “Gospel”