So, what have you been up to…?

I’ve been so busy, it’s not even funny. Looking good for the weather this summer, and the UK gospel scene’s been buzzing. Seems the Facebook backlash has started, as the Twitter take-up kicks in (Guvna B,  Faith Child, Karl Nova and Tryumf to mention four). Who would have thought a 140 character limit would be so fascinating… I  still can’t see what the fuss is all … Continue reading So, what have you been up to…?

Random – Fact V Fable (2): Mainstream v Christian Lyrics

Fable: The ‘mainstream’ will get turned off by overtly Christian messages and lyrics. Fact: the evidence suggests otherwise. In an age where Kanye West‘s hard core Hip-hop image didn’t prevent him from releasing ‘Jesus Walks’, and DMX was happy to put out ‘Lord Give Me A Sign‘, and over here people are happy to go properly mad for songs with titles like ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees … Continue reading Random – Fact V Fable (2): Mainstream v Christian Lyrics

UKGPresents is UKG Connected

UKG logo

UKG, Connected…

The other day went down – complete with all the content I have added (or updated) over the past three years (audio, video, documents, news, hard-to-find links and more).

As I type this, it’s still not back up.

Technically that should be a major crisis

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