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The other day went down – complete with all the content I have added (or updated) over the past three years (audio, video, documents, news, hard-to-find links and more).

As I type this, it’s still not back up.

Technically that should be a major crisis

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Christianity – A History

Saw a bit of the Channel 4 series, Christianity- A History recently, particularly the one featuring Kwame Kwei-Armah (called Dark Continents). In it he travels to Latin America as well as Africa, where he traces the impact of the journey of Christianity into East Africa via the Middle East, into Ethiopia (and not the European, slavery-tainted West African channel). Very interesting.  He came across as … Continue reading Christianity – A History

Random: to hell with all that rubbish…?

Listening to an internet radio station broadasting out of Barbados (I think) the other day, and Estelle’s American Boy comes on… In Kanye’s verse in the middle 8, they’d actually blanked out ‘hell’ from his line: ‘to hell with all that rubbisssssh’… Apart from what it says about the sensitivities of whoever the broadcasters were, I wonder what also says about  what we’re prepared to accept … Continue reading Random: to hell with all that rubbish…?

Random: Morrissey’s Mark (of the beast)?

It’ll be easy to do that panic measure thing and start seeing conspiracies everywhere, but I’m curious about this picture from Morrissey‘s new album campaign… There’s a mark on Morrisey’s right forearm (can’t make out what it is), and a mark on the baby’s forehead (that looks like a butterfly, I think)… I suppose it’s probably some art director’s idea of styling… But then again, there’s … Continue reading Random: Morrissey’s Mark (of the beast)?

UKG is gone – but it’s back!

Finally! At  just before midnight on 18th January 2009, I retired Version 1 … Version 1.5 is now live: more interactive features, audio, video and a cleaner more web 2.0 look. It’s still very bare-bones, and there’s little by way of actual features and stories on the site, but the most important thing is we’re live! Now to start thinking about version 2 … Continue reading UKG is gone – but it’s back! 1.5: launch weekend – Pressure’s on… 1.5 Pre-launch Screengrab

This is a view that few people ever get to see.

10th January 2009.

Pic is of the backend/editing area of 1.5 .

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Random: so – gospel in the House…?

DJ Marcia CarrI feel a feature coming on (to go on, I think…)

Recently made friends with DJ Marcia Carr via Facebook.

She’s a serious figure in the UK music scene, and now solidly into House music DJing (among other things, I’m sure).

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DJ Fitz – Good to Go…?

Tuesday morning – off to ATL in 2 days…

DJ Fitz: end of an era – and the confirmation of a strain of embedded apathy


This year (2007), the BBC scrapped 9 radio shows on its Black Music station 1Xtra.

One of those shows was the ‘Vibrations’ Gospel Show, hosted by DJ Fitz. His last show is actually this Sunday…

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