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Triple O – A MOBO Changed My Life..?


MOBO 2014 – The Specials

So, it’s that time of the year again. The MOBOs roll back into town for 2014, returning to the Big Smoke for the first time in years, with the event taking place on October 22nd.

And you can bet your house (or rented accommodation) that the ‘whos’, ‘hows’, and ‘whys’ in response to the announced nominations will – pretty much inevitably – not be that far behind.

What is it about the UK’s biggest Black music awards that completely polarises opinion across the board..?

In the third instalment of our special #MOBOGospel series Henry Yanney catches up with 2011 MOBO Gospel Winner Tobi Oyefeso, (better known as ‘Triple O’) for the story on his MOBO win.

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New E Tizz album ‘What I Gotta Say’ – out February 7th on iTunes

If some of the music I’m hearing (both new and imminent releases) is anything to go by, then it’s pretty safe to say 2012 has already kicked into high gear!

E Tizz’s ‘What I Gotta Say’ is an absolutely sterling example.

The bar is set quite high with this one: ‘the Doctor’, Grammy-nominated GP of DVine Muzic Productions is again at the helm of affairs, and the overall audio styling of this project presses his sound into something strangely different yet familiar at the same time.

Time for one of those pretentious new genre names, methinks: Electro-Synth Hip-hop, anyone..?

The new album is released on February 7th and available for download on iTunes.

It consists 13 tracks, featuring UK and US artists: Jahaziel and Tru2DaName (who – along with E-Tizz also go under the name Forerunnaz), Guvna BG.P. himself and Ricardo ‘Rocstarr’ Williams.

US guests include vocalist Jai, and one of my favourite US rappers, KJ-52.

This is a very, very good project.  Check out Henry Yanney‘s on full review on  In his words: ‘there’s a lot of gems on here…’

Meantime check out the lead single, “Clap Clap” featuring Jai:


How To: Stream Music – Legally

we7 logoSpotify logo

I wrote this well over a year ago, and never got round to publishing it.

Well, better late than never. 🙂

You should already be familiar with the information here (it IS a year old, after all), but I’m running it just in case.

This blog actually follows on from Henry Yanney’s blog  post about getting radio for your week.


Back then I thought I’d point you in the direction of music sites that will make your time on the web infinitely more enjoyable: the superb services delivered by Spotify and we7.

Benefit to the independent artist

Both these services share revenue with labels and aggregators (good news for independent artists as they can get in on the act too. Example: Guvna B and LZ7 on we7, Victizzle on we7, and Jay Ess on we7).

That means the service can legally stream the music for ‘free’, in the hope that they can make their money back, potentially through advertising.

Business insiders suggest advertising revenue alone cannot sustain the business model for long, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

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Review and download: E Tizz – Sound Of My Soul Album

Henry Yanney reviews E Tizz’s ‘Sound Of My Soul‘ debut album

It’s never been a surprise that the underground gospel music scene has always spoken highly of Timothy “E-Tizz” Grimwade’s credentials as an artist.

With a number of singles, collaborations and live performances under his belt, 2009 is the year when the MC from South East London finally dropped his album, Sound Of My Soul, which gained a large amount of interest from the public due to him releasing it as a free download. Continue reading Review and download: E Tizz – Sound Of My Soul Album

News: Radio for your week (P.S. I’m Henry)

Henry Yanney

Radio for your week

Hello UKG World,

My name is Henry Yanney and I’m new to this bloggage world, but Mr UK Gospel has graciously allowed me to contribute to the official blog of, the world’s most frequently updated UK gospel music website.

Updates from me will include everything from album reviews to random musings to anything relatively related to the UK gospel scene.

Official Blog
For my first official blog (minus the constant ramblings on my Facebook/Tweets, etc) I’ve decided to give you a list of great radio shows which you can listen to throughout the week if your 9 to 5 requires you to press the enter button (or any other key) for the majority of the day… Continue reading News: Radio for your week (P.S. I’m Henry)