Successful Music Streaming Seminar – this weekend!

One of the most exciting things about this season in the UK Gospel music industry: invaluable, *expert* knowledge is available to ANYONE, quite literally on tap.

Here’s a fantastic example for you this weekend

@Adegail has been running these brilliant knowledge sharing sessions (that EVERYONE can benefit from) for a while!

This one is a MUST if you need essential information on:

✅ – Planning music releases
✅ – Organising music admin
✅ – Guidance on how best to use visuals/music videos, collaborations and Spotify playlisting for greater reach
✅ – Guidance on complex royalties/correct metadata registration
✅ – Reaching the right audience who will love your type of music

Pop by @_iradiate this weekend at #iRADIATESMS – the lineup is brilliant (PLUS: these guys KNOW what they’re talking about!! 🙌)

🔥- @DerrickTchie, founder @Gospelhydration
🔥- @ahimusic from Canada who has featured on CBS and Tiny Desk as well as producer-artist
🔥- @OfficialWyldMusic (they both went from 0 to millions of streams)
🔥- @KeithAnthonee: metadata specialist who’s worked with pretty much every major record label!

Link to register on Eventbrite:

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