version 3: We’re Live!

After about 5 or 6 years of:

  • Starting and stopping
  • Copying and pasting
  • Writing and editing
  • Doubting and being confident
  • HTMLing and Adobe Flashing

Today, the BRAND NEW version 3 website is LIVE!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!

So, what next..?

Well, the project has been going for almost 2 decades. As you can imagine so many things have changed in that space of time:

  • We’ve gone from static HTML pages to community forums embedded in websites
  • Forum conversations migrated from the websites to social networking (RIP MySpace)
  • Then everything again morphed into what they called Web 2.0,
  • All of a sudden not only could we read about the UK Gospel music scene, we could actually watch and listen to the music we were all getting excited about
  • I went CRAZY on Soundclick and did over ONE HUNDRED mixes to promote singles, EPs and albums on the store, UKGShop (RIP).
  • The mixes are still there – have a listen

The Beginning of the End – Flash

In 2010 Steve Jobs wrote his infamous Thoughts on Flash open letter, spelling the beginning of end for the technology that had allowed people like me with no HTML programming knowledge to design websites.

The two early versions of, version 1 and 1.5 (don’t ask) had been designed in Moonfruit – it’s drag and drop interface was perfect for visual designers like me version 1

While it’s taken the better part of 10 years for Flash to fully die (Adobe announced in 2017 that it will stop supporting Flash by 2020, and Google’s Chrome browser officially stopped supporting it on January 2021), I still have so many great stories in Moonfruit that I’ll be transferring over here.

UKGospel Legacy project

A New Dawn

  • The scene has had an incredible run over the last 5-6 years: recording technology has never been cheaper, release cycles have never been more frequent, the diversity has never been this varied or vibrant.
  • There’s still so much to say, but this was supposed to be a very short post on the UKGospel Instagram feed that’s somehow ended up being a stream of consciousness piece
  • I’ll end by saying this: it’s a sparkling new dawn for, but there’s even more good news: there are more platforms than ever before supporting this incredible, diverse, pulsating, creative and passionate scene. I list some of them in another post (see below)

Rebrand Journey

Who remembers that Nokia phone??? 🙂

I’ll be using this series to share the journey: everything from transferring some of those classic stories from the scene to the evolution of the visual identity (I suppose you can call it a rebrand)


We’re living in the age of video so keep an eye out for the occasional behind-the-scenes video update (like this one)

So much more to say, but I’d better stop now. I still have to write this ‘Ladies of UKGospel’ post and I have less than 6 hours to do it – and I haven’t even started it yet!

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