Celebrating #UKGospel – Introduction

Part showcase, part profile, all celebration.

Wide-ranging and slightly atypical, this series expands the type of recipient we’re used to celebrating in profile editorials of this kind.

How about the producers and the song writers?

  • What about the graphic designers that have given us distinctive visual branding over the years, on everything from websites to flyers to CD covers.
  • What about the venues?
  • And the unsung heroes in the managers that have quietly and intelligently steered the careers of many of the artists that have impacted our lives?
  • What about the recording studios? The broadcasters? And the publishers of printed and online magazines that have kept us informed over the years…?
  • And what about those artists that don’t record anymore?
  • Why don’t we showcase them again, if just to demonstrate the fact that we still appreciate the impact their recordings from way back when still have on us?
  • And there are the session musicians that help create many new and timeless songs…

Hidden heroes and heroines

  • We’ll be looking to celebrate the diverse threads that make up the entire fabric of the UK Gospel scene
  • Hopefully we’ll discover many familiar names but – more importantly – uncover many, many hidden heroes and heroines

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