AStepFWD Songwriting Masterclass 2021

The best way to create songs that change the world? Get tips direct from people that have done it!

If there ever was a ‘drop everything and get your ticket‘ event, this is it.

AStepFWD have leveraged their incredible Christian music industry contact list to put on a unique gathering of top-of-their-game, world-renowned creatives for a live songwriting masterclass

Powerful line up

It’s an impressive, powerful list of artists who between them have written several mainstay songs for the global church: Noel Robinson, Matt Redman, Jake Isaac, Martin Smith, Graham Kendrick, Lou Fellingham, Wale Adenuga, Lucy Grimble, Nick Herbert, Les Moir, Nicky Brown and Donna Akodu.


The Songwriting Masterclass sessions takes place online, delivered in a variety of formats from panel discussions to 1-on-1 interviews, all designed to provide opportunities to tap into the knowledge and experience of the speakers.

  • Date: Saturday 30th January 2021
  • Time: 11:00am – 4:30pm (room open from 10:45am)

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