#UKGospelLegacy – 2 January 2020

First #UKGospelLegacy entry for 2020. I MUST make it AWESOME 💪

Dave P montage with UKG Logo

Shout out to an unwavering #UKGospel champion, especially for your amazing work on radio

Stand tall Dave P From Station FM, to Choice FM, to Premier Gospel, to owning your own station, Urban Gospelnetwork

Thank you so much for your service❤️

(By the way: that incredible black & white picture 📸 of Dave is by Isabelle at IWO Photography. She’s visually chronicled the #UKGospel scene with some *stunning* pics over the years…)

I’ll have to give her her own #UKGospelLegacy entry soon… 🙂

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