#UKGospelLegacy – Celebrating The MOBOs

I’m dedicating this week’s #ThrowbackThursday #UKGospelLegacy to the MOBO Awards

Because – in my book at least – they’re extremely *essential* to the legacy of Black music in the UK

First: #Throwback to the 2017 MOBOAwards #UKGospel category announcement:

New Things

Shout out to the MOBO team for trying new things. 2015 was when they started the ‘Pre-MOBO’ event.

Some argued it further marginalised minority genres (it’s difficult to argue against that), but the truth is: the main event was getting too big to fit everything on TV…

So maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to create a special event for the niche/heritage/smaller categories, instead of tagging us on to the main event for 20 minutes on the day and less than 3 seconds on air… 🤣

Oh, I don’t know. I’m just thinking out aloud…

Anyway: to the main reason for this week’s #UKGospelLegacy post

Behind the scenes at the MOBOAwards pre-awards 2015 at Chelsea’s Under the Bridge

Faith Child (winner of the 2015 Gospel category)

A Star and Yinka Mode

YolanDa Brown

( L-R Daniel Owusu, S.O., Yinka Mode)

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