4 Retro UK Gospel Vibes to Mellow You Out

Sometimes kicking back is absolutely the right thing to do…

Perhaps you’re in the middle of a particularly stressful life moment – or maybe you’re badly in need of some time out from a decidedly knotty Rubik’s cube of a problem currently getting the better of you.

Maybe you want to chill out just because (and: why not..?)

Whatever your story, here are four classic UK Gospel tunes to mellow your troubled soul.

You’re welcome.

Earmark Collective ‘Bear the Mark’

Five years ago almost to the month (the video was uploaded to YouTube in June 2014) Earmark Collective dropped this solid, solid, solid block of a song.

Bear the Mark‘ landed with an infectious, jazzy breakbeat that perfectly complemented its hooky, smooth vocals.

The formula perfectly underpinned Triple O‘s inspired flow, while (bless the Lord for this one) the video completely did the song justice.

Talk about great vibes to soothe the troubled soul…

Raymond & Co – Crazy Faith

Taken from 2003’s seminal ‘Playing Games‘ album, this Linslee Campbell-produced gem is all sorts of flawless: from Chris Gordon‘s heartfelt lead to the tight arrangement of the deft backing vocals from Gillan Nembhard, Janine Dyer and Lisa Allen, this has ‘cool summer breeze’ all over it.

Lots of songs have been called instant classics. This is one of the few that actually deserves the definition.

Rio Young – Music featuring Da Fellowship

I first came across this song as part of Da Fellowship‘s debut (and, as far as I know, only) single. In the intervening years (this was uploaded to YouTube in January 2010) it’s been re-presented to the world as a Rio Young song.

Its superlative mellow groove belies Rio‘s stories of the harsh realities of life and living, told both observationally and in the first person.

It’s one of my all-time favourite UK Gospel non-Gospel ‘Gospel’ songs, and – once again – a great video for its time.

Nathan Prime – Knowing You

I only discovered the video to this awesome RnB classic exactly 20 days ago. I’m sure that’s partly  because even though it was released around 2002, the video was only uploaded to YouTube in 2016.

Anyway, regardless of how or why it took so long, it’s another one of those songs that’s almost universally considered a genuine UK gospel classic, and for good reason: lush musicianship, best-in-class arrangement, Nathan’s sweet, undeniable vocals and lyrics that will please even the most ardent of Gospel music purists.

So, there you go: four great songs to lower the blood pressure, calm the spirit and send you – hopefully perfectly refreshed and renewed – back on your merry way.

Go back out into the world and conquer.  You’ve got this.

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