Great ‘Mainstream’ Songs from Christian Artists (Part 4)

This is the fourth instalment in the series looking at UK Gospel artists and their exploration of the world of ‘mainstream’ music.

You already know the back story: we’re still navigating the long-running discussion around how best to respond to Christian artists creating music that isn’t evangelical by default.

It’s an interesting, if somewhat ironic, state of affairs because – given the chance – the same highly critical audience might grow to appreciate what’s on offer.  But hey, that’s another blog for another day.

Meantime here are another 3 artists to check out: The Kingdom Choir, Gavin Holligan and Riccy Mitchell

The Kingdom Choir

Before that one song at Harry and Meghan’s wedding changed everything (the couple reportedly rejected 10 versions of ‘Stand by Me’ before we got the one we heard), The Kingdom Choir had been consistently doing what many exemplar UK choirs do: hit the road, do the rounds and make good music.

2018 brought them global attention (they returned from accompanying Harry and Meghan on their tour for this year’s Invictus Games in Australia barely 24 hours ago).

Anyway, long story short: The Kingdom Choir’s  album, ‘Stand By Me’ is out now.

Showcase: Stand By Me

Gavin Holligan

After signing a lucrative deal with premiership team West Ham FC, shortly followed by a debut appearance at Anfield against Liverpool FC, no one would ever imagine that a professional footballer would ever turn his back on the world of sport and find his way onto the big stage performing with Stevie Wonder, Jocelyn Brown, Aswad and Floetry, but that’s what Gavin Holligan did!

(Text taken from Gavin Holligan’s website)

Showcase: More Than One

For my money Gavin Holligan has written one of the best, racially and culturally relevant songs to come out of the UK this year.

Riccy Mitchell

Ricardo Mitchell is one of the many, many, many underrated artists that deserves wayyyy more exposure than he currently has.

I’m sure there are a whole bucketload of reasons why that is, but I’m playing my part to help rectify the situation. 🙂

According to his Facebook page he’s an artist ‘Having a bunch of fun telling stories on songs…’

Showcase: As Time Moves Along

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