Why You (Still) Need Radio in Your Life – By Radio Station Owners (Part 2)


Why You (Still) Need Radio in Your Life (By the People Who Should Know): Soulcure Radio

In an age where you completely control every aspect of your audio consumption experience, why do you still need music radio..?

I’ll be honest: before I started working in radio I had very little time for the medium.

These days we’re spoilt for choice, with options for free and paid download services, or audio streaming via any number of platforms, most of which are (for the moment at least), free.

So why in the world would anyone need music radio? Read the background and full introduction to this series here.

Having had contributions from radio presenters in part 1, it’s time to move the spotlight for part 2.

The first station owners strand featured Vinejuice, and that generated quite a few conversations (it’s had about 170 Facebook shares so far).

Playlist Blog Soon

There was one comment thread that caught my attention, based on what’s seen as the inability (or reluctance) of established radio platforms to support emerging talent.

That conversation culminated in me writing a new blog on ‘How to get on Radio Stations’ Playlist – Guaranteed’ (live soon).

In the meantime the spotlight moves to the second instalment of the station owner series…

Why You (Still) Need Radio in Your Life (By the People Who Should Know): The Station Owner (Part 2) – Soulcure Radio

Running a 24 hour radio station is a good deal more work than most people probably imagine.

From a mechanical and technical standpoint the station has to be on air all the time, so as the station owner there’s a little part of you that never really switches off, even when you’re asleep.

Tricky Point

Then there are the million other things you need to keep your eye on, not least being your station playlist, an especially tricky point these days when everyone has potentially unlimited access to all the music they’ll ever need.

At best, this means people listening to your station are rather well educated musically, and should – in principle at least – appreciate your playlist choices.

But at the other end of the scale you’re wide open to the unfortunate situation of being criticised for having a too narrow, too wide, too old or too new a playlist (be honest: you know how harsh we Christians can be).

I think I totally get why people want to be radio presenters, but I’m especially intrigued about why people actually go ahead and take on the stresses of running a radio station.


I’ve known Soulcure’s Bernard ‘DJ Proclaima’ Reilly for years. He’s been there, done that and doesn’t only own the T shirt, he probably set up the fabric factory too.

Over the years he’s tried his hand at much of the media game, doing everything from publishing (Soulcure started as a news website, and then became a Facebook community before being wound down), as well as setting up one of the earliest Gospel music online stores in the UK that I can remember.

Through that entire period he was also DJ-ing, playing gigs and running his own Soulcure events while operating out of his base in Nottingham. In some respects setting up a radio station can be seen as something of a natural progression.

You’ve already read about one of his colleagues, Naadia, in the presenter segment and now here’s Proclaima’s take on why you (still) need radio in your life.

Yinka Awojobi
Content Development

The Station Owner

Name: DJ Proclaima


Station: Soulcure Radio

Why did you set it up?

It is all part of the vision that God gave me for Soulcure to reach the masses using every platform available.

I am really concerned how many Christians are compromising when it comes to music nowadays, especially our young people who need our guidance.

Listen to Pornography

We are effectively letting them listen to pornography and violence if we do not teach them to use wisdom and encourage them to listen to Gospel music.

Music is such an important part of many peoples lives that saturating ones self with music that carries negative messages is a highly destructive thing to do.

In the last two years I have witnessed a huge rise in Christians who want me to play secular music at their events. Sadly this even includes Pastors, Bishops and Church leaders.

Preach a Secular Message..?

The argument made is that they will have unsaved friends at their event and want to entertain them. My reply is to ask if unsaved people attend their Church services, and if so do they preach a secular message in order to meet their preferences? Or if when they are attending an unsaved friends event they insist Gospel is played.

So let me tell you where I stand on this issue as founder of Soulcure Radio. We play strictly Gospel music on our station because it is what we were called to do.

From time to time you may see me on the same event as a non-Christian DJ or Sound or playing at a notorious venue – this is because we seek to take the Gospel to the lost.

The Formula is Working


We celebrate God and are upfront about Christ because we believe that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The good news is that our Soulcure radio formula is working, every week we get amazing testimonies of lives changed and souls saved!

So people if you love you some good, good, Reggae music, or if you like to kick back to some sweet R&B but want God right in it, then Soulcure Radio is for you.

We are on air 24/7 and until we get our FM licence you can listen online at www.soulcureradio.com or join the growing number of people who listen on their mobiles using the Tunein app.

What Gap Was in the Market?

UK licensing restrictions/bias means the Gospel/Christian community is under represented.

The one thing you get on my station that you won’t hear anywhere else

I guess that would have to be the Soulcure vibe. Naadia, Mello and I have a unique style.

Music Styles

Praise and Worship, Urban Gospel, Gospel R&B, Gospel Reggae

You Should Listen to My Station Because

If you love good music and a station that is upfront about God, a station that you can listen to without having to repent then tune in and become part of our family.



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