Rejoice and Sing Unto The Lord: A New ‘Power Praise’ is Coming Soon!

Howard Francis (left) and Mark Beswick

It’s the announcement countless fans of classic UK Gospel Praise & Worship music have been waiting, quite literally, years for.

Howard Francis made a large number of people very happy indeed (208 Likes and counting on Facebook at the time of my writing of this), as he confirmed both he and the equally-awesome Mark Beswick are (finally) giving in to massive demand and reconvening the ‘Power Praise’ worship project for another recording.

Chances are you know at least one Power Praise song, and (along with countless gatherings around the globe), sing them in your church: ‘Wave Your Hands’, ‘The King Is Coming’ ‘Rejoice, Rejoice’ and, of course, the ultimate Church congregational worship classic, ‘Sing Unto The Lord’.

Further details will be released in due course but as they’ve only just started the project it’s reasonable to peg it for a 2017 release.

It’s also a sure bet everyone’s expecting the whole gang to return for this one too, from Howard to Mark and of course Nicky Brown, to mention just three.

And while we bide our time, waiting for new music to be served up, refresh your memory (or discover for the first time) ‘The King Is Coming’.

Click the link to play in Spotify:

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