New Ram 1 Video – ‘Mary’

Ram 1 - 'Mary' video still

Ram 1

I’ve been a huge fan of Ramone ‘Ram 1’ Williams ever since I came across him a few years ago.

In fact he (along with his Riddim Culture cohorts Edward Holland Junior and Gyamma) is of the reasons I wrote the Pull Up Special Feature for back in 2011 (link below)

Riddim Culture has quietly gone about maintaining a rather formidable UK Reggae revolution in recent years, between them creating impressive international ripples in places as far-flung as the USA, mainland Europe, South America and Africa.

Edward goes from strength to incredible strength as a producer, churning out songs across the entire Reggae spectrum, a significant conveyor belt of solid tunes covering Dub to Dancehall to Roots and more.

New Video

Anyway, Ram 1 is back with a new video for an allegorical song, ‘Mary’, taken from a very personal moment in his life (and going by the visuals it doesn’t take much to guess what it might have been about).

And – like much of what he has done so far – I like it!!

It’s his first international music video, shot in Costa Rica with the well-known Costa Rican DJP on directorial duties, with Ram co-directing (Ram said it was by far the most stress free video shoot he’d done to date).

As at the time of my writing this, I’m not clear if it’s an Ed Holland joint – I’ll update later when I find out.

Meantime: see why the fuss is about and why I like it below:

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