Radio: BBC 2’s ‘Sunday Hour’ resumes with more ‘Gospel’

BBC Radio 2’s ‘Sunday Hour’ resumes with more ‘Gospel’ 

Diane Louise Jordan

On BBC Radio 2’s ‘The Sunday Hour’ Diane Louise Jordan plays spiritually uplifting and inspiring music through hymns, Gospel and choral classics. Each week the programme celebrates different aspects of the Christian faith through words, prayers as well as requests and dedications.

The sixty minute format comprises many of the traditions of Radio 2’s long running worship programme, Sunday Half Hour, with a few new features added.

The playlist includes the expected: recordings from Cathedral, Gospel and Male Voice Choirs, ensembles, solo artists as well as hymns and songs recorded specially for the programme and performed by top Gospel and Inspirational musicians.

  • Sunday Hour begins this Sunday, 20th January 2013 at 6:00 am on BBC Radio 2 (88 – 91 FM)

Pleasant Surprise

Anyone looking to explore this particular run of the series will be pleasantly surprised as some familiar names and music make a pleasant – if unexpected – appearance.

Listen out for Aaron T Aaron‘s ‘Double Double’ as well as other UK and international gospel acts spicing up BBC Radio 2’s Sunday evening output 🙂


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