J.A (headshot) - photo retouched by BBG Media

I came across North London-based J.A. completely by accident on the 5th of January 2013 when he tweeted me a link to his track called ‘2013 New Year Freestyle’.

As you can probably imagine I get sent quite a few links to check out, and a lot of them tend not to be as exciting as the sender probably thinks they are.

For one, a lot of so-called ‘freestyles’ are anything but.  And while I can’t be entirely sure about this either, it does at least seem to have elements of improvisation.

I like it – it’s very raw and (as you’ll hear) done with the ambient mic of what might be a camera phone, but there’s no denying his passion, delivery, rapid-fire and witty lyrics.

I hope he gets the right production and project behind him – it’ll be good to hear more from him in 2013.