Free Download – sammy. – ‘The Soundtrack’

sammy. is back (don’t let the name confuse you – you’ll remember him as ‘Sammy G’)

Sammy. - The Soundtrack

His first release after the widely-respected ‘Plain & Simple’ album is – in keeping with the times – a free download.

Once again sammy. has hooked up with long-time collaborator/producer Jimmy James (on ‘The Matrix’), but the 4-track EP also includes new production partnerships: Romez Reacher on ‘The Soloist’, and Karac on ‘The Harder They Come’ (which also features guest vocals from Phil Shand).

Guest appearances continue with Favour and D.A.Jay showing up for vocal duties on ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ (produced by Mr Virgo).

sammy. says he’s aiming the EP (and subsequent 2013 releases) specifically at Grime music fans, because – as he makes an observation about the trend-led nature of contemporary music: “it seems that all the Christian MCs that did Grime a few years back are now releasing Hip-Hop mixtapes, which I find quite odd – there are so many die-hard Grime fans who could be reached”

And by the way: the full stop after sammy. and the lower-case ‘s’ is deliberate.  It’s obviously a creative thing.

Play the music below and check out the links for more


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